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Neighbours star Jodi Gordon discusses return as Elly Conway

Jodi Gordon, who plays Elly Conway in the well-known Australian soap opera Neighbours, has shared her thoughts on the subject.

Along with April Rose Pengilly, who will play Chloe Brennan again, the actor will return to Ramsay Street.

The cherished couple was last seen together in the final episodes of the soap’s initial run, just before it was miraculously saved. New episodes of the drama will soon be airing on Amazon FreeVee.

Gordon has just opened out on how it feels to be back on Neighbours, even though the actor is now a full-time student at a university studying counselling and communication skills.

Gordon told The Herald Sun, “I don’t think that aspect of Neighbours has ever left me.

“It’s great to see,” said one fan, “because the fans are very vocal and I thought there might be a possibility of bringing the characters back together in some way when I found out it was being picked up again.”

Next week, the two will resume filming for the show as guests, and Pengilly shared her joy on social media.

She announced the return of “Chelly” by posting a black-and-white photo of the actors together on her Instagram page.

“We are thrilled to announce that Chelly are back!” she said as the post’s caption. The new Neighbours will feature both of us, and we’ll be back on set very shortly. I sincerely appreciate your support, everyone. Chloe and Elly’s upcoming chapter will be shared with you soon, and we can’t wait.

Yassss here we go!! Gordon wrote in response to the image. I’m very happy, baby xx.

Pengilly earlier voiced her disbelief at the venerable soap opera being renewed. She described herself as “shocked and confused” by the news and made it seem as though the cast was unaware of the news.

She posted on social media in November, “I’m so happy for all of you to have your show back and know you’re so excited, but it’s strange for us as we knew nothing about it,”

“Outside of the Heritage 4, none of us have received an invitation to participate yet. Like, every member of the cast and crew was laid off. The jobs are back now! But it’s possible that we won’t be hired.


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