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Neighbours star Hannah Monson reveals Nicolette’s future after recast

After the reappearance of the beloved character Nicolette, Neighbours star Hannah Monson has discussed Nicolette’s future.

Prior to the soap opera’s Flashback Week, show executives announced Nicolette’s comeback along with Aaron Brennan and David Tanaka.

Monson expressed her delight about joining the cast and hinted at her character’s potential future storylines in a recent video that was uploaded to Neighbours’ Instagram page. I’m doing great here; everyone is really friendly. It was quite pleasant to learn that I was playing Nicolette on my birthday,” she said.

“I had a terrific feeling when I played Nicolette. She seems like a really juicy, intriguing character, which is just what an actor would want.”

After appearing on the show from 2020 to 2022, Charlotte Chimes, who had previously played Nicolette, chose not to come back for the upcoming season. In keeping with Nicolette’s brother Byron, the producers chose to recast the role rather than kill it.

“It’s really nice taking on the baton I guess, from someone else and someone so talented and that played the role so beautifully as Charlotte,” Monson remarked.

“I play a queer character, and that’s not the Neighbours I remember from back then. I’m queer.” It feels incredibly good to be in that role, even though there have been LGBT people on it for a while,” she added, expressing her affinity for the character.

Monson ended by hinting at the interesting future Nicolette will have upon her return to Ramsay Street: “I’m going to predict some anarchist behaviour coming up for Nicolette. To be honest, secret after secret comes to light. It has a good amount of juice.”

Fans were treated to a plethora of flashbacks throughout the special episode week, which helped to unravel many of the mysteries surrounding the new season, including the real reason behind Nicolette, David, and Aaron’s departure from Erinsborough. The group appeared in both the crucial flashbacks and moments set in the present.


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