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Home and Away Kahu star shares real-life connection to on-screen cousin Tane


Kahu, Tane Parata’s cousin, was just introduced to Home and Away viewers, but actor Jordi Webber said he already had a real-life connection to his on-screen relative.

Before joining the series, Home and Away’s Jordi Webber was already acquainted with Tane Parata actor Ethan Browne.

The 29-year-old actor debuted as Tane’s cousin Kahu on Monday (June 5) and has since started attracting attention.

A pin was placed in Tane’s home bliss with his new wife Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) when the laid-back surfer showed up in Summer Bay and immediately caused chaos between the two.

Tane was overjoyed to meet Kahu, and their strong relationship was perhaps made simpler by the fact that they were already acquainted.

The New Zealand-born actor claimed in an interview with Stuff that he is good friends with the actors who played Tane’s brother Ari and nephew Nikau.

“I actually knew Ethan already. I met Ethan when meeting up with the fellas in Oz since Rob Kipa-Williams and Kawakawa Fox-Reo and I are pretty good friends.,” he told the outlet.

We got along, but I didn’t really know him well, he continued. And after we started filming, he and I grew close, which is really wonderful.

Jordi, a member of the popular boy band Titanium who initially rose to stardom in 2012, acknowledged that he thought the part of Kahu was ideal for him.

The singer said, “At the time, I was living in a van and roaming the east coast of Australia. (The producers) wanted Kahu to be extremely free, hyper surfy, and Mori.

I was the ideal candidate in terms of energy and personality, he continued. That is how I got there.

Kahu will demonstrate in later scenes that he only cares about having fun and has no obligations, which will make his TAFE studies difficult.

Kahu agrees to take the course that will allow him to get certified as a fitness instructor at the gym because he wants to satisfy his cousin.

Kahu wants Tane to advance him $1500 in TAFE course fees after lying to his mother about where he is employed, but Tane is unsure of his cousin’s reliability.


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