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Neighbours spoilers: Will Kiri Durant QUIT the winery?

On Neighbours, Kiri Durant (Gemma Bird Matheson) has found that Glen Donnelly (Richard Huggett) is her long-lost father.

She isn’t quite ready to play happy families with him yet, though!

As they continue to work together at the winery… and live next door to each other on Ramsay Street, things are tense between Kiri and Glen.

It’s a tiny world after all!

Glen truly wants to step up and support Kiri as she deals with the aftermath of the SHOCK family secret being revealed.

Let’s not forget that it’s all because of Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) and Nicolette Stone (Charlotte Chimes), the nefarious combo who started hunting for dirt on Glen in the first place!

Kiri is feeling overwhelmed as she keeps running into Glen.

She chooses to quit her work at the winery all of a sudden!

Will Glen be able to persuade Kiri to stay in Erinsborough and keep her job?

Harlow Robinson’s (Jemma Donovan) friends and family continue to be troubled by Corey Smythe-Jones (Laurence Boxhall).

Harlow’s worried uncle, David Tanaka (Takaya Honda), however, refuses to be fooled!

David is persuaded that Corey is responsible for Harlow’s current downward spiral.

Could Corey have vandalised Amy Greenwood’s (Jacinta Stapleton) van in secret and then blamed Harlow for it?

Then there came the Fashion Week episode, when Amy’s fashion presentation was ruined and Harlow’s affair with Ned Willis was made public.

Corey realises he is about to be exposed as Chloe Brennan (April Rose Pengilly) begins to investigate what transpired at Fashion Week.

Corey thinks quickly and persuades Harlow that she could benefit from a weekend getaway.

Distance between Harlow and the turmoil of Ramsay Street could be exactly what she requires.

But Harlow has no idea this could be a ONE-WAY excursion as Corey prepares the car for their departure…

She could lose contact with her family and friends!


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