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Neighbours Spoilers – Mackenzie and Hendrix are engaged!

Hendrix and Mackenzie return to Erinsborough engaged in Neighbours UK. It gets better…

The UK airs them on May 23 and Australia on June 20.

Hendrix recently received bad news: he has pulmonary fibrosis from the Erinsborough High fire and needs a lung transplant.

Due to the Rodwells relocating into Ramsay Street, he now lives on the same street as the lady who caused his health troubles, Sadie (Emerald Chan).

In scenes showing later this week (UK: Friday 20th May / Aus: Thursday 16th June), Hendrix and Mackenzie visit Hendrix’s parents Pierce (Tim Robards), Lisa (Jane Allsop), and Alana (Molly Broadstock).

Unusually for Neighbours, the entire episode takes place in Canberra, with Hendrix showing Mackenzie places from his youth.

Hendrix doesn’t want to inform his parents about his diagnosis, but his sister Alana feels something is wrong, and he’s forced to admit the truth: he needs a lung transplant within three years or he’ll die.

His family is shocked but supportive.

Hendrix’s anxieties about telling them vanish, and he’s more optimistic about the war.

Hendrix, feeling loved and encouraged, takes a big move. He proposes to Mackenzie impulsively.

Ben Turland told Inside Soap the proposal was spontaneous. Mackenzie changed Hendrix’s mind.”

Hendrix wonders what he wants and who he wants to be with. So he proposes! He’s ringless.”

Mackenzie accepts Hendrix’s offer.

His family is overjoyed, and Hendrix feels closer to them than ever after hearing the news.

Back on Ramsay Street, the couple tells the Kennedys and their closest friends about their engagement.

Hendrix’s engagement is just the beginning of her good fortune.

Just a few days after returning to Erinsborough and announcing their engagement, the neighbourhood comes together to celebrate Hendrix and Mackenzie’s young love at their engagement party.

As Hendrix is enjoying himself and not thinking about his sickness, he gets the phone call of a lifetime…

A transplant donor?


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