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Home and Away spoilers: Levi scrambles to save Mac’s life – but is it too late?

Despite suffering a recent heart attack, Mac has refused to slow down. But in the gripping season finale of Home And Away, she may not be so lucky when fate strikes – twice.

In recent episodes, Mac (Emily Weir) was diagnosed with Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection – a condition that occurs when a tear forms in the wall of the heart – after collapsing at the surf club.

After saving her life, Doctor Levi (Tristan Gorey) gave her strict instructions to rest and recuperate—something the businesswoman is not accustomed to. About Mac’s growing friendship with Levi, Emily tells TV WEEK,

“Mac is grateful for him and his expertise in saving her life.” “She respects him for his knowledge and professionalism.” Afterwards, Mac begs her friend Xander (Luke Van Os), a paramedic, to steal a glance at her record. Mac is inspired to leave the hospital by his upbeat optimism, which makes Levi yell at Xander for deceiving her.

The following morning, Levi prepares to end his shift when Mac is rushed in on a gurney with Xander following in hot pursuit – “We need help!” he cries.

Levi preps Mac for emergency treatment and promises to do all he can as Mac’s friends gather at the hospital. But inside, the doctor fears the worst – Mac survive


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