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Neighbours spoilers: Karl Kennedy risks everything on huge gamble

In Neighbours, Karl Kennedy (Alan Fletcher) has never been known for making excellent decisions. His recent blunder could cause his marriage to fall apart once more.

Karl is struggling with imposter syndrome after viewing Clive’s opulent flat and feeling like he’ll never be able to offer Susan (Jackie Woodburne) the life she truly deserves. He’s confident that investing with Montana, who has a cosmetics brand in need of funding, is the answer to his financial difficulties, but Susan is adamant. Karl is undeterred; he sees dollar signs and thoughts of the good life, and he’s willing to invest behind Susan’s back.

Keeping a huge secret from Susan has never been an issue in the past. It hasn’t turned out to be a good idea either.

He turns over a huge sum to Montana, well aware that Susan would go insane once she realises what he’s done, but he believes she’ll thank him once the money starts coming in. Karl, my nice, naive friend.

Karl feels really pleased with himself for making such a wise investment in Montana’s cosmetic line. He’s not sure he can keep it a secret from his wife, and the cracks in his determination begin to emerge, but he resolves to keep going and surprise her with the earnings.

Montana’s empire, he has no idea, is on the verge of collapsing.

Could Karl be on the verge of losing everything due to this massive financial blunder?


Scenes will begin airing on Channel 5 on Monday, April 11th.


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