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Neighbours Spoilers – Hendrix gets a devastating diagnosis

Karl and Susan’s marriage is on the rocks after Karl’s latest betrayal, and Hendrix receives a life-changing diagnosis on Neighbours in the UK next week.

These scenes will premiere in the United Kingdom on Monday, May 2nd, and in Australia on Tuesday, May 31st.

Hendrix has had his fair share of health issues recently. He only discovered he had testicular cancer last year after visiting the TestiTime booth at the Shorts and Briefs Film Festival, where the doctor discovered a bump on one of his balls.

The doctor reassured Hendrix that a lump wasn’t always a symptom of cancer, but that it was something that needed to be looked into further. Hendrix, on the other hand, put off seeing a doctor for more tests for weeks, convinced that he was dying, and it led him on a path of destruction.

He quickly lost interest in his studies and began pushing Mackenzie (Georgie Stone), Karl (Alan Fletcher), and Susan (Jackie Woodburne) away.

He stole $500 from Karl (Alan Fletcher) and had a horrible alcohol-fueled night out, in which he was thrown out of a bar and accidently pushed Roxy (Zima Anderson) to the ground, causing her to hit her head hard.

Kyle Canning (Chris Milligan) finally saw a doctor after a heart-to-heart with him, and it was revealed that the mass on his testicle was merely a benign cyst, and nothing to be concerned about.

Kyle decided to have a check-up of his own after the encounter, and discovered that he did had testicular cancer, which prompted him and Roxy to leave for a fresh life in Darwin.

While Hendrix appeared to be in good health at the time, it appears that another medical diagnostic is going to ruin his life forever.

When the Ramsay Street residents had a farewell BBQ for Kyle and Roxy a few weeks ago, one of the situations started with Hendrix coughing heavily while Mackenzie prepared sausages on the barbie behind him.

While neither Hendrix nor his girlfriend seemed to notice, and Hendrix probably assumed the cough was due to the smoke from the snags, it appears that his seemingly harmless cough was concealing something far more serious.

Mackenzie is unhappy the following week after Lassiters Fashion Week fails miserably.

Mackenzie steals the stage during Leo’s gin launch at the vineyard, and things are looking up. Things, however, quickly come crashing down — Amy’s design display is marred by the discovery that Ned and Harlow kissed, and things truly go apart when Montana is arrested early by the police.

Mackenzie is disappointed that her chances of becoming a model have been shattered as a result of the incident. However, Hendrix’s attempt to console his fiancée is cut short by a severe coughing episode.

Is it merely a cough or is there something more serious going on?

After Sadie Rodwell (Emerald Chan) and Aubrey Laing (Etoile Little) set a fire with the goal of framing Zara, Hendrix went into Erinsborough High to save Mackenzie and Zara (Freya Van Dyke).

Mackenzie was on the point of passing out from smoke inhalation as Hendrix carried her to safety through the ventilation system. Hendrix appeared to be unharmed, but the incident has left him with a lung disease that has gone unnoticed thus far.

Hendrix is resolved not to make the same mistake again and gets himself checked out right away after putting off his testicular cancer check for weeks. At first, he’s confident, supposing it’s only a cold, but his fears quickly surface.

When he receives the results, he learns that he has a significant lung problem as a result of the Erinsborough High fire and will require a lung transplant.

The news has left him sad.

When he comes to tell Karl (Alan Fletcher) and Susan (Jackie Woodburne), he finds them in the middle of a huge quarrel, which is the result of Susan realising that Montana is insolvent and Karl has just lost them $200,000. Karl is forced to move in with Paul when Susan kicks him out of the house.

When they get the news, they are stunned, and they band together to support him. Will it be enough to reconcile the estranged couple?

With just over three months until the final episode of Neighbours airs in the United Kingdom and Australia, the writers are hard finalising the show’s conclusion.

The final plots are being kept under wraps, but we do know what Mackenzie and Hendrix may expect in the months ahead.

Kate Kendall, the director of Neighbours, shared a photo of Sydney’s Bondi Beach on Instagram in March, thanking the cast and staff of the show for “making this such a wonderful shoot.”

“Thank you to the cast and crew of @neighbours for making today such a memorable shoot.” Melbourne, I’ll see you tomorrow.

jackiewoodburn @alanfletcher @georgiestone @benjaminturland @mrtimrobards @jane_allsop @tony_gardiner_acs @lecabba You’re well aware of who you are!

I adore you.



Ben Turland (Hendrix), Georgie Stone (Mackenzie), Alan Fletcher (Karl), and Jackie Woodburne were among the cast members she tagged (Susan).

The reappearance of Hendrix’s parents, Pierce Greyson and Lisa Rowsthorn, played by Tim Robards and Jane Allsop, was also confirmed in the post.

Due to the fact that Hendrix and Mackenzie travel to Sydney with Karl and Susan and reunite Hendrix’s estranged parents, people speculated that Hendrix and Mackenzie were planning to marry.

While a wedding is on the cards, it does not appear like Sydney will be the location. A fan recently spotted several members of the Neighbours cast filming at Melbourne Zoo, and captured Ben Turland in a suit and Georgie Stone in a wedding gown, confirming that Hendrix and Mackenzie are likely to marry before the season ends.

Will the wedding be postponed as a result of Hendrix’s tragic diagnosis?

The scenes shot in Sydney will appear in the UK in the coming weeks, and the wedding scenes at Melbourne Zoo are expected to air in late May or early June.


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