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Home and Away 2024: All of the big storylines set to take over Summer Bay

From Leah and Justin’s wedding to Remi and Bree’s split, here’s what to expect in the new year for Summer Bay.

The good news is that fans won’t have to wait as long as they might have to wait to see Home and Away again—the show will return on January 8, 2024.

The last season’s massive cliffhanger, which left viewers wondering if Remi or Eden would survive a hit-and-run and kidnapping, is still present in the show’s 2024 promo, which is full of little hints about new drama for all of our favorite characters in the bay.

We have compiled a list of probable 2024 stories based on the promo and what some keen-eyed fans have observed while the show is still filming.

Warning! The below post contains spoilers, so keep reading at your own risk.

What to expect from Home and Away in 2024:

Leah and Justin finally tie the knot

Leah and Justin have been through their fair share of drama throughout their relationship, but Ada Nicodemou who plays Leah told Yahoo Lifestyle fans should expect something “big” for Leah in 2024.

“It will be another big year for Leah but I think there’s a lot more joy in her life this year and the fans may finally get what they have been asking for a while…” Ada teased.

The Summer Bay crew go regional

Perhaps in line with Leah and Justin’s wedding, a member of the show’s crew was spotted putting up an Instagram story filming in NSW’s beautiful Hunter Valley wine region, and Shane Withington who plays John Palmer also had this very interesting tweet.

Turn this one into a reality show we say.

Dana and Xander start dating

Xander hasn’t been super lucky in love since his arrival in the Bay, but now that Dana’s settled into town things look to be changing.

The couple appeared cozy in the 2024 trailer and was seen filming intimate sequences together on set.

Remi and Bree parted ways.
Oh no, it appears like Bree and Remi are going to split up—that is, if he survives his 2023 motorcycle accident and captivity, that is—despite everything they have gone through together.

In Summer Bay, Juliet Goodwin’s character Bree was seen kissing an unidentified man. Since Remi’s actor, Adam Rowland, was also sighted filming sequences for 2024, fans are very sure Remi survives the 2023 cliffhanger.

Things heat up between Levi and Mac

It appears like things will start to heat up for the two of them with Dr. Levi moving to the Bay and working closely with Mac to help her with her heart condition. like is, if the 2024 sneak peek trailer is any indication.

The two may be seen holding hands and kissing in the teaser, but is this a real kissing scene or is Mac dreaming of being put into an induced coma?

Well, it won’t be long until we find out — Home and Away is back on our screens January 8, at 7pm.


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