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Neighbours Spoilers – Freya and David are arrested

Back in a corner, David and Freya are arrested next week on Neighbours in the UK after realising they have no choice but to confess to their role in Gareth’s killing!

These scenes will premiere in the United Kingdom on Monday, April 18th, and in Australia on Thursday, May 12th.

The Ramsay Street residents’ ill-fated excursion to River Bend, where Freya (Phobe Roberts) was kidnapped by her ex-boyfriend Gareth Bateman, has been 5 weeks (Jack Pearson). Freya had been looking for him, assuming he’d gone into hiding to avoid corrupt officers, but it was actually Gareth who was crooked. He had been sending gang members juror notes to assist them get off the hook, but the courthouse became suspicious, and he was forced to flee.

The gang members might be able to defend him if the cops aren’t involved. The game was over as soon as Freya got Levi to start looking into him, and he had to act.

Aaron (Matt Wilson) attempted to liberate Freya, but he was discovered first by Gareth, who struck him with a wrench. David (Takaya Honda) arrived barely in time, discovered his husband bruised and bloodied on the side of the road, and immediately began administering first aid to stabilise him.

He and Freya, on the other hand, had to cope with Gareth.

Gareth had flown through the River Bend van’s windscreen and required immediate medical assistance. He had a slim chance of survival due to his injuries, but David and Freya might have intubated him, giving him enough time to get to the hospital.


Freya informed David that Gareth had kidnapped her and attacked Aaron as he was about to intubate. David decided on the rush of the moment not to cure the man who had abandoned his husband and instead threw the OPA (oropharyngeal airway) into the bush.

David has been consumed by remorse since then. He can’t believe he disregarded his ethics and let a patient to die when he had the opportunity to save his life.

Soon later, he received a chilling note that read, ‘I know what you did.’ He received a second threatening note the next week, this time even more frightening.

There was no doubt that the note had something to do with Gareth now — they were being followed! To make matters worse, David discovered an OPA in his car, which had undoubtedly been installed by the same individual.

When Freya questioned why only David was being blackmailed and not her, he became suspicious that the blackmailer was Dean (Travis Cotton), the hospital cleaner who had just formed a fancy on him and had struggled when David rejected him.

Dean recently overheard Freya and David conversing at Lassiters, and David is concerned that he overheard anything damning. Dean, on the other hand, appears entirely unaware of what David is accusing him of.

The blackmailer’s next move is to demand money in exchange for silence this week. David and Freya are left scratching their heads, unsure how they’ll come up with the money in the timeframe their blackmailer has set them.

When Aaron discovers the message in David’s bag, he confronts him, forcing him to reveal everything. Aaron, thankfully, is a tremendous supporter, and it’s a huge relief for David to finally be able to share his feelings with someone.

However, the trio — David, Freya, and Aaron – quickly realise that they will be unable to raise the sums that the blackmailer requires.

Freya eventually turns to her estranged brother, Zane, for help, and is forced to beg him for money. He’s conflicted, but after hearing his sister’s heartfelt plea, he decides to lend it to her.

Even with the funds in hand, they aren’t out of the woods yet.

David refuses to accept Dean is innocent. He loses control of himself as a result of the incident, and he keys Dean’s automobile. Freya is enraged by the action, but she is unable to persuade David to see reason, and he subsequently pays Dean another visit to ask him to quit playing games.

Dean is upset and deceived by his old friend’s behaviour, and he continues to refuse to acknowledge what he’s saying.

Is David truly looking for the wrong person?

With no other options and no knowledge who the real blackmailer is, David and Freya realise they have no choice but to reveal their identities. They make a formal confession at Erinsborough Police Station.

Levi (Richie Morris), who, despite their rough start, has grown true affections for Freya, can’t believe it. He stood by Freya during the Coroner’s probe, assuring her that she had nothing to fear, and he was hurt by her lies.

He has no choice but to process the pair and get their fingerprints.

Clive, too, is perplexed by David’s actions: allowing someone to die when he had the ability to save them, then lying to the coroner. Will David’s career come to an end as a result of this?

After much interrogation, David and Freya finally figure out who their blackmailer is. Will they be able to prosecute him, or is it too late?

The pair is surrounded by support after their arrest, but Freya remains estranged from Levi.

Their meeting with the lawyers is excruciatingly painful and devoid of optimism. Will focusing on the severe stress of the River Bend event be enough to keep David and Freya out of jail?


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