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Neighbours spoilers: Harlow in horror kidnap plot

In Neighbours, Corey (Laurence Boxhall) has Harlow (Jemma Donovan) in his grip, but he’s not quite as close to enlisting her in The Order as he’d want. It’s time to boost the ante and fully immerse her in the cult.

To accomplish this, Corey will have to make some bold actions, like drugging Harlow until she is barely conscious. Of course, that doesn’t go ignored – Harlow’s strange behaviour is a massive warning flag for those who are paying attention.

Corey is compelled to take things to the next level in order to cover his traces. Because his plan for Harlow is dark and he doesn’t want it disrupted by curious neighbours, he begins to further isolate the befuddled Harlow from her loved ones.

Harlow is completely unaware of what is going on and believes he actually cares about her, which is partly due to her drug usage. Harlow’s uncle David, on the other hand, is starting to see the light (Takaya Honda). He begins to snoop, and Corey begins to perspire. In addition, Chloe (April Rose Pengilly) is investigating the Fashion Week debacle. The net is closing in on Corey, and he needs to make a quick move to avoid being caught.

Before David can come too close to the truth, Corey carries out the next step in his plan to further isolate Harlow from people around her: he persuades her to turn against her uncle. Dodge has been successful, but it is not a long-term solution.

As David gets closer to finding the truth, Corey executes the next step of his plan by whisking Harlow away for a ‘weekend getaway.’ She’s overjoyed; she’s looking for romance and can’t wait to spend time with Corey. She had no idea that Corey does not plan for her to return. Is this the beginning of Harlow’s demise?

Scenes will premiere on Channel 5 on Monday, May 16th.


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