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Neighbours Spoilers – Glen panics as Kiri’s mum arrives

Next week on Neighbours in the UK, Kiri’s mother pays an unexpected visit to the vineyard, forcing a terrified Glen to think quickly to keep his secret hidden.

These scenes will premiere in the United Kingdom on Monday, April 25th, and in Australia on Monday, May 23rd.

Newcomer Kiri Durant (Gemma Bird Matheson) is Glen’s (Richard Huggett) daughter, as viewers are well known. Kiri, on the other hand, has no idea because she was raised by her mother and the guy she believes is her father.

Glen revealed to Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) shortly after Kiri’s arrival that he had a 26-year-old affair with a married woman named Barbara. He was in a horrible way at the time, and despite the fact that they broke up before either of their spouses found out, Barbara found out she was pregnant soon after.

Barbara’s husband had fertility issues, so Glen knew the kid was his. Her husband, on the other hand, simply assumed the pregnancy was a medical miracle and reared Kiri as his own child. Glen returned to Karen, his companion, and the decades that had passed without him thinking about his child… until he returned to Erinsborough last year.

When John Wong (Harry Tseng) conducted an investigation into his past, he was obliged to make a bargain with him after the private investigator found his secret. Soon after, he drove to River Bend, intending to visit his daughter without informing her that he was her father – but he never expected that the journey would lead to her relocating to Erinsborough and accepting a job at the vineyard…!

His secret was suddenly a lot more difficult to preserve! But things are about to get a whole lot worse…


Glen rummaged through Kiri’s box of memories at No. 24, including childhood photos and her birth certificate, which identified her father as secondary school teacher Alan Durant, in recent UK episodes.

Chloe (April Rose Pengilly) caught him putting the images back in the box, and even though he explains why he was looking through Kiri’s personal items, Chloe is skeptical.

She and Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes) team up this week, united in their view that Glen has been acting strangely around Kiri for weeks, and they’re determined to find out why. They confront Glen about his behavior in this Friday’s episode (UK: Friday 22nd April / Aus: Thursday 19th May), and he is forced to think on his feet, informing them that he loves Terese.

It’s just a ruse to throw them off guard, but his scheme backfires, and a worried Chloe decides to tell Terese about Glen’s sentiments.

Terese is obliged to gently let Glen down in next week’s episodes, much to her astonishment. He reacts by telling her it was a lie – that it was just a tactic to get the others off his back about Kiri – and she appears to believe him.

They both appear to be relieved, but are they deceiving themselves? True feelings are waiting to be discovered…

Glen, on the other hand, won’t have much time to think about his love for Terese because another surprise is on the way.

Barbara (Wendy Mocke), Kiri’s mother, pays a surprise visit to the vineyard to see her daughter’s new workplace!

Kiri is overjoyed to see her mother, completely ignorant that her birth parents are on the verge of reuniting for the first time in decades.

When Glen discovers that Barbara has arrived in town, he listens in from around the corner on her and Kiri’s talk, trying to figure out his next move.

Kiri is enjoying her new life in Erinsborough, and she is eager to introduce her mother to her new friends, housemates, and coworkers, including Glen. Glen is invited to a dinner she decides to organize!

Glen manages to get out of it by inventing an excuse for why he won’t be able to make it. Nicolette, on the other hand, busts him later that evening: why did he lie and say he couldn’t make the dinner when he clearly had no other plans?

She’s ecstatic to have caught Glen off guard; she’s still convinced there’s something strange going on between him and Kiri, but she’s not sure what it is. She’s right on his tail, and she’s not slowing down…

As if Glen didn’t have enough on his plate already, he now has to deal with Paul (Stefan Dennis).

Paul notices Terese and Glen looking more than amicable the day after the supper. He recently cautioned Glen about Terese, telling him that anything that happens between them will put a stop to any hope of the two half-siblings having a relationship.

Glen dances around the facts when Paul confronts him about why he and Terese were looking so close. With his suspicions aroused, Paul decides to team up with Nicolette, a former foe.

Whatever Glen is keeping hidden, Paul and Nicolette are determined to find out!


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