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Home and Away’s Mali and Rose make a sad decision over their future

The couple seemed to have no future prospects.

Spoilers for UK viewers of Home and Away are below.

Next week on UK television, Mali Hudson and Rose Delaney from Home and Away make a tragic choice.

The repercussions of Rose’s brother Xander Delaney being attacked are likely to put the couple’s burgeoning relationship on shaky ground.

In a fresh plot, Xander is taken to the hospital right away after being attacked while working as a paramedic. A gang that wants to rob the ambulance of drugs ambushes Xander and his coworker Jamie.

Jamie unfortunately passes away at the scene while Xander is admitted to Northern Districts Hospital with life-threatening wounds.

Rose immediately pursues Xander’s assailants using her status within the police. Her boyfriend Mali feels that she ought to be present at Xander’s bedside when he needs her, thus this doesn’t sit well with him.

In the end, Mali informs Rose that he wants to break up with her since he can’t stay with someone who doesn’t prioritise family. Rose is furious because she feels that by seeking justice on Xander’s behalf, she done the right thing.

In the programmes shown on Channel 5 the next week, Xander is awakened at the hospital after being sedated.

For Xander’s sake, Rose and Mali make an effort to set aside their differences, but it is clear that they are in conflict.

Insuring Rose that her pursuit of the assailants was the appropriate course of action since Jamie’s family deserves justice.

Mali, who is still unhappy, continues to disagree, and when he discusses it with Rose, the two fight once more.

Later, Rose and Mali pause to consider their connection. Mali is certain that they are not meant to be together, but Rose continues to believe they are a good match.

With no other option, the ex-lovers formally declare that they are breaking up because of their differences.

The actress who portrays Rose, Kirsty Marillier, recently discussed the future of her character and Mali with Digital Spy.

People appear to like them; they seem to be attracted to their relationship, she said, telling us this. But if they want to get back together, I believe they really do need to put in some effort. It hasn’t gone over well because it’s a rather significant hurdle to face early on in a relationship.

“Mali had split from Rose in one of their first conflicts, which is why she is taken aback. What, we’re not even going to have a dialogue about this? I believe that’s all she’s thinking. That hurts a lot. You’ll have to pay attention to that one to see what happens.


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