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Home and Away’s Mia Anderson and Ari Parata to be rocked by shock arrival

Mia Anderson and Ari Parata from Home and Away will soon face another setback as a new arrival in Summer Bay proves to be an unwanted blast from the past for Mia.

According to TV Week, Mia (Anna Samson) and her daughter Chloe Anderson (Sam Barrett) return home from a weekend away together feeling closer than ever in scenes set to broadcast this week in Australia.

But Chloe has no idea that Mia is about to start keeping a significant secret from her since Chloe’s father Matthew (James Sweeny) has arrived in the Bay and wants to see the kid he never knew he had.

When Mia sees Matthew, she is terrified, especially when he threatens to destroy her life unless she helps him get to know his daughter.

“Mia is completely taken aback by the fact that the past has resurrected in Summer Bay,” Anna explained to TV Week. “She thought she’d left him behind for good, and with good cause. She is terrified by the prospect of his being in their lives. She is adamantly opposed to the notion.”

Meanwhile, Chloe is preoccupied with her ex-boyfriend Ryder Jackson (Lukas Radovich) and newcomer Theo Poulos (Matt Evans), who are both vying for her devotion. This week, she becomes embroiled in yet another of the pair’s quarrels when Theo harasses Mia and her boyfriend Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) about Chloe before turning up on her doorstep.

While Chloe is preoccupied with Ryder and Theo, Mia notices Matthew leaving the gym and confronts him, demanding that he leave the Bay for good. She claims that her daughter has no desire to see him, but in her rage, she mistakenly gives Matthew Chloe’s name. Matthew agrees to leave after their altercation.


Matthew, however, hears Irene Roberts (Lynne McGranger) shouting Chloe’s name and sees his daughter for the first time before exiting.

Irene, unaware of the circumstances and under the impression that she is being helpful, provides Matthew one of Chloe’s cards that has all of her contact information. Matthew is more motivated than ever to get to know his daughter now that he has the facts.

Mia, on the other hand, is having none of it and is attempting to get Matthew to leave.

“Mia dislikes and distrusts Matthew,” Anna explained. “She understood it was for the best that he wasn’t in her life or that of her daughter.”

Mia confronts Matthew, declaring that she did not give her approval on the night Chloe was born, and that if he attempts to get involved in their life again, she would make sure that everyone knows the truth.

Will Matthew be convinced to flee before Chloe discovers the truth?


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