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‘Home and Away’ spoilers: WHO punches Matthew Montgomery?

On Home and Away, Matthew Montgomery (guest actor James Sweeny) is determined to reconnect with his long-lost daughter, Chloe Anderson (Sam Barrett).

However, there is a lot of animosity between Chloe’s mother, Mia (Anna Samson), and Matthew.

Mia and Ari Parata (Rob Kipa-Williams), Mia’s boyfriend, have told barrister Matthew to stay away from Chloe.

Chloe, on the other hand, is enraged that Mia has kept the truth about Matthew hidden from her for so long.

As a result, she now wishes to meet her father.

Mia and Ari, on the other hand, are irritated that Matthew hasn’t received the message and is still hanging around Summer Bay.

When the pair returns home to find Matthew waiting to meet Chloe outside the Parata residence, things get hot…

Ari is challenged by Matthew, who asserts that Chloe is HIS daughter and that there is nothing Ari can do about it.

When Ari sees Matthew, he PUNCHES him!

Ari’s actions astounded both Mia and Chloe.

Ari, have you just made things a whole lot worse?

Ryder Jackson (Lukas Radovich) is furious after learning that his ex-girlfriend, Chloe, kissed their new friend, Theo Poulos (Matt Evans), only five minutes after they broke up.

In the Diner, Ryder confronts Chloe about the kiss.

But Chloe has enough drama on her hands right now, what with her long-lost father, Matthew, showing up unexpectedly.

Chloe isn’t capable of dealing with her ex-boyfriend.

In fact, she is completely opposed to their continuing to work together in their catering business.

So when Chloe hands Ryder a check later that day, he is taken aback.

She wants to buy him out of the company and cut all links with him!

When Alf Stewart (Ray Meagher) returns home after visiting with his wife Martha in the city, Marilyn Chambers (Emily Symons) is filled with emotion.

Marilyn is overjoyed that Alf has returned to the Bay.

Finally, she has someone to lean on and who understands what she’s been through.

Alf, on the other hand, had just been back in the Bay for five minutes when he senses something is wrong with Marilyn.

How will Alf react when he learns that Marilyn has resigned from her long-time job at the Diner and is feuding with her pals Irene Roberts (Lynne McGranger) and Justin Morgan (James Stewart)?

On Channel 5, Home and Away airs weekdays at 1:15 p.m.


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