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Neighbours Spoilers – Glen confesses his love for Terese

Glen confesses his love for Terese next week on Neighbours in the UK, but is the confession only a cover for a far bigger secret?

These scenes will premiere in the United Kingdom on Monday, April 18th, and in Australia on Thursday, May 12th.

Glen’s six months in Erinsborough have been a whirlwind since his surprise homecoming in October.

Paul (Stefan Dennis) noticed him seated on a bench across from the conference venue at the Lassiters conference in Queensland, and he couldn’t believe he was seeing his half-brother for the first time in three decades.

Glen had fallen from the top of Lassiters and was in a wheelchair the last time he was seen. However, it was later discovered that his paraplegia had been misdiagnosed, and he was eventually able to regain use of his legs, but the ordeal had drove him to drink.

Until his unexpected return at the conference, he had been out of touch with the rest of his family for about 30 years.

Glen has struggled to re-establish contact with his estranged half brother since then, and has spent the first few months quietly seeking vengeance on Paul for his previous acts. While their relationship has improved slightly, it’s fair to say it’s still difficult.


Terese and he have created a strange but deep friendship (Rebekah Elmaloglou). He had seized her wedding band when she lost it on the beach, and he kept it to prevent Terese and Paul from getting back together.

Harlow (Gemma Donovan) has always suspected something strange about Glen’s behaviour, and when her search for clues in his hotel room proved unsuccessful, she enlisted the help of Paul’s trusted PI John Wong (Harry Tseng).

John returned with a dossier of documents on Glen, which included a major revelation. Harlow presented the dossier to Terese with the intention of exposing Glen and preventing Terese from falling for him, but Terese hurled it off the top of Lassiters before reading it, thereby keeping Glen’s great secret hidden.

Terese, who had bonded with Glen over their shared issues with alcoholism and love of card games, surprised their friends and family by asking Glen to move into No. 22 with her.

Melanie (Lucinda Cowden) was the one who was most concerned, because Glen had lately admitted to her that he had emotions for Terese. She tried to persuade him to reconsider, but Glen told her that he could put his emotions aside.

While their relationship has stayed platonic thus far, Glen’s affections have never faded.

Paul quickly recognised a connection between his estranged wife and half-brother, and he cautioned Glen that if anything happened between Glen and Terese, they would have no chance of a friendly relationship.

And that’s how things have stayed until the recent revelation that Kiri (Gemma Bird Matheson), the retreat’s boss, is Glen’s daughter. Kiri, on the other hand, has no idea.

Glen went to the vacation resort to see his daughter in person, but he didn’t anticipate things to turn out the way they did.

Kiri decided to go to Erinsborough in pursuit of Nicolette after forming a bond with her during the Ramsay Streeters’ vacation. Glen attempted to put an end to Kiri and Nicolette’s romance by mercilessly informing Kiri of Nicolette’s prior misdeeds, but that hasn’t stopped Kiri from staying.

After the fateful vacation away impacted reservations, she resigned her position at River Bend and now lives in No. 24 with Chloe (April Rose Pengilly), Mackenzie (Georgie Stone), and Freya (Georgie Stone) (Phoebe Roberts).

Plus, Leo offered her a position at the vineyard, which means Glen’s secret daughter is now not just his neighbour, but also a work colleague. There is no way out. He’s terrified because he knows he’ll make a mistake shortly.

Nicolette hosts a party at No. 32 to officially welcome Kiri to the street in next week’s Neighbours in the UK, and a little over three weeks later in Australia. There’s no turning back now; she’s a Ramsay Street inhabitant.

Nicolette has already recognised the attraction between Chloe and Nicolette, but she still believes she can win Kiri over. However, romance is quickly put on hold when Chloe witnesses Glen acting strangely around Kiri and spending a lot of time with her, and tells Nicolette about it.

Nic agrees – she sensed something was wrong the instant Glen told Kiri about her past; there was no reason for him to do so, and it didn’t make sense. For the first time in months, Chloe and Nicolette resolve to work together to figure out what’s going on.

While the party at No. 32 is in full swing, Glen is taking advantage of an empty No. 24 to go through Kiri’s belongings and learn more about his daughter – but what exactly is he looking for?

Nicolette and Chloe decide to ask Leo (Tim Kano) to speak with Glen in the hopes that their professional friendship may lead to Glen opening up to him.

Leo believes Glen has no evil motives, yet he decides to assist them. However, the situation swiftly escalates into an ambush, and Glen is forced to think quickly as Leo, Chloe, and Nicolette question him.

Glen tells them he’s in love with Terese on the spur of the moment to throw them off the trail, according to Digital Spy!

His plan works well, and the trio believes the revelation explains why he’s been acting strangely – but is his story just a ruse to get them off his back, or has he truly fallen in love with Terese?

Will one of Chloe or Leo, knowing how close they are to Terese, tell her what Glen has confessed?


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