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Neighbours spoilers: Amy destroyed as Ned’s affair with Harlow is exposed in major Fashion Week disaster

Next week on Neighbours, Amy Greenwood’s (Jacinta Stapleton) world comes crumbling down when Ned Willis’ (Ben Hall) affair with Harlow Robinson (Jemma Donovan) is revealed in a particularly dramatic way.

Ned has been battling to overcome his affections for Harlow since they bowed to temptation and had sex earlier this year, as fans are aware.

During the violent drive to River Bend, which saw gun-toting Gareth Bateman kidnap Freya Wozniak (Phoebe Roberts), viciously attack Aaron Brennan (Matt Wilson), and shoot Levi Canning, the couple became lost in the bush (Richie Morris).

Ned and Harlow went off in pursuit of Levi and Freya, completely oblivious to what was going on in the minibus, as Gareth made his move and died in the process.

Their search was fruitless, and they ended up spending the night in the jungle together after losing track of where they were.

Harlow and Ned fought to suppress their attraction after discovering a waterfall, and therefore they had sex.

Since then, the two have avoided talking about what happened between them. Harlow went to London to get away from Ned, who had decided to resume his relationship with Amy.

Amy is overjoyed at the possibility of beginning a family with Ned, all while preparing for Fashion Week, which is turning out to be a career-defining event for her.

Meanwhile, Ned is worried about his role in Fashion Week, and Harlow will offer him support in scenes this week. Her efforts work, and Ned’s spirits are lifted.

Corey, on the other hand, is up to naught good, encouraging Harlow to confess her feelings for Ned! The visitor is a member of The Order, as viewers will soon discover, and so poses a significant threat to Harlow.

Given everything Harlow and Ned have gone through, she is hesitant to express her feelings, but with tensions rising between the two, will they be able to resist temptation ahead of Fashion Week?

We won’t go into detail, but suffice it to say that things will heat up again!

Fashion Week begins next week, and while Amy is looking forward to her big moment, Ned is focused on something else.

He decides to break up with Amy because he can no longer conceal his feelings for Harlow. He does, however, determine that doing it on the day of her fashion show would be harsh, so he figures it’s better if he waits till after the big event.

Meanwhile, Amy expresses her gratitude to Ned for his help and declares her love for him. Ned is compelled to respond!

Following that, the fashion show begins, and Amy’s top model, Harlow, is a vision in her gown.

Things, on the other hand, take a dramatic turn when Ned and Harlow’s sex secret is uncovered, with photos indicating that images of their passion are projected onto the dress!

Awks awks awks awks a

Amy is heartbroken, and she demands an answer. Ned does his hardest to offer her what she wants while also apologising.

But there is no turning back now. It’s finished!

Meanwhile, Harlow longs to be with Ned, but now that the secret has been revealed, can she achieve her wish?

Will Ned’s remorse over Amy’s sadness bring their brief romance to an end?


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