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Neighbours revisits Terese and Glen’s romance storyline

Paul has gotten the two of them back together.

Terese Willis and Glen Donnelly’s romantic connection has been explored on Neighbours.

In the aftermath of Paul Robinson’s vengeful masterplan, Terese sought comfort from Glen in Wednesday’s episode.

Paul has spent weeks conspiring against Terese, purposefully handing over control of the Lassiters Fashion Week to his estranged wife, knowing full well that it will end in tragedy.

The Lassiters team continued to pick up the pieces in the newest episode of Neighbours after fashion guru Montana Marcel was arrested in the middle of the event.

Melissa Bell reprised her role as Paul’s no-nonsense sister, and Lucy Robinson flew in from the US to help contain the crisis.

Terese attempted to inform Lucy that Paul had destroyed Fashion Week on purpose. Terese didn’t have any proof to back up her charges, so Lucy refused to listen.


Following the recent controversy, Lucy felt that Lassiters needed a fresh start, so she sacked Terese as general manager.

Terese will remain a key shareholder in the company, but her days as CEO are finished.

Back at the Willis residence, Glen sought to instil confidence in Terese, who was kicking herself for not predicting what Paul was planning.

Glen stated, ” “You’re a gorgeous, clever, and loving woman. And Paul is enraged and destructive because he understands what he has lost.”

“It’s just, I’d forgotten what it was like to hear good things from a man who isn’t attempting to deceive me,” Terese explained as she became upset.

Terese and Glen went in for a passionate kiss, their unresolved chemistry bursting to the surface once more.

Glen had promised Paul that he wouldn’t seek a relationship with Terese out of respect for him as a brother, but is he now willing to break that promise?


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