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Home and Away stars reveal all on Summer Bay’s new arrivals Xander and Rose

Luke Van Os and Kirsty Marillier, who play Jasmine’s long-lost siblings paramedic Xander and cop Rose on Home and Away, have revealed that they will be joining the drama as Jasmine’s long-lost siblings.

As Xander and Rose Delaney, Luke Van Os and Kirsty Marillier have joined Summer Bay. (Photo courtesy of Channel 5)

Luke Van Os and Kirsty Marillier, who play newcomers Xander and Rose Delaney on Home and Away, are prepared to make an impression in Summer Bay.

When the couple arrived with the news that her father had died and left her an inheritance, Jasmine Delaney (Sam Frost) was taken aback.

The fact that Xander and Rose were her half-siblings was the biggest shock!

Actors Luke Van Os (a cousin of Hollywood stars Chris and Luke Hemsworth) and Kirsty Marillier discussed their backgrounds and what to anticipate from the show’s newest paramedic and police officer with What To Watch as Xander and Rose prepare to settle in the bay.

Xander Delaney, played by Luke Van Os, is a paramedic. (Photo courtesy of Channel 5)

Luke Van Os (Home and Away)

Luke, good day! Summer Bay is a delightful place to visit. What was it like to follow in the footsteps of your cousin Chris Hemsworth and land a job on Home and Away?

“Chris has always praised his time [as Kim Hyde] on Home and Away.” It’s a dream come true for me to be a part of it.

“Prior to my final audition with the producers, he assisted me in practising my lines. He’s been saying ‘work hard and have fun’ since I booked the position, and I’m doing just that!”

Before joining Home and Away, what did you do for a living?

“For the past nine years, I’ve been studying acting and auditioning, with a lot of rejection. I’ve had little parts in TV series and a few independent and short films, but this is my first large role.

“As a hobby, I play music.” Personally, I don’t believe I’m capable of bringing anything to life on screen, but anything can happen! If the writers chose to do so, it could be intriguing at a later period.”

Xander and Rose Delaney are having trouble connecting with Jasmine, their sister. (Photo courtesy of Channel 5)

What do you know about Xander Delaney?

“Xander is a kind man who cares about his family and will go to great lengths to help and defend them. Expect some action because he’s a paramedic!

“He’s single, and he’s a little taken aback by his new sister and his father’s untimely death.” Who knows what the future holds, however.

“There’s a lot to learn about Xander, and he has a few prior secrets!”

When Xander and Rose told Jasmine they were her siblings, what kind of reaction did they expect?

“I think the most nerve-wracking element was Xander’s lack of understanding of how she would react.” He was ready for anything and willing to accept her response.

“Until their father died, Xander had no idea he had a hidden sister.” He was eager to see her and learn more about her, but he realised she might not share his enthusiasm.

“He and Rose intended to leave her the inheritance at the very least.”

How has it gone for you now that you’ve been filming for a while?

“It’s been incredible!” exclaims the speaker. I’ve had a great time working with the cast, and I’ve learned a lot. Beautiful beaches. Summer Bay isn’t only Xander’s favourite place!

Rose Delaney is played by Kirsty Marillier. (Photo courtesy of Channel 5)

Kirsty Marillier is a model and actress who works in the fashion industry.

Kirsty, hello! Thank you for tuning in. You’re both an actor and a dramatist. Is there anything more you’d like to say?

“I am,” says the speaker. Writing is a way for me to release my creative side. I’m currently working on my third play and have two others in the pipeline.

“The Griffin Theatre Company and the National Theatre of Parramatta premiered my first piece, Orange Thrower, earlier this year in Sydney.

“I’ve wanted to be an actress since I was about 14 years old, when I was in Year 9 at Leeming Senior High School in Perth, Western Australia, where I studied drama.”

“I had a fantastic theatre instructor who made me feel like I was a star student in her classes.”

Are you looking forward to joining Home and Away with your family?

“My whole family is ecstatic!” Every night, they watch it during supper. My mother hasn’t stopped contacting me since the show premiered [Home and Away premieres four weeks before the UK]!”

Could you provide us any background information on Rose? Is she a certain type of woman?

“Rose has a strong will and is tenacious.” She’s a strong, charismatic young woman who is also conflicted. I’m always learning new things about her, and I love playing her.”

Rose is shown to be a police officer. Is there anything more you’d like to say?

“Xander and Rose grew up in the country, but Rose moved to the city to work as a police constable after graduating from university and the police academy.

“When a young man takes money from the diner’s cash register, Rose immediately switches to cop mode and pursues him. She arrests him by kicking a car door closed!

“I’m excited to do more action scenes in the future.” As a member of the Yabbie Creek Police Department, I already feel like I’ve had a lot of juicy storylines.”

Rose Delaney is head over heels in love with officer Cash Newman! (Photo courtesy of Channel 5)

When Rose first meets Jasmine, does she feel a strong attraction to her?

“When Rose meets Jasmine, she has only kind intentions. However, as the tension between them grows, connecting becomes more difficult.

“Given the circumstances, it’s understandable that their relationship is a bit thorny. As a result of being raised by Jasmine’s biological father, Rose feels guilty.

“Jasmine has a nagging suspicion about the sisters, which makes life difficult for them.”

“However, Rose’s wish to befriend Jasmine is sincere. She grew raised in a close relationship with their father, therefore she’s quite interested.”

When Rose meets Cash for the first time, she is very flirty! Is it possible that she’ll get into problems if she learns that Cash is Jasmine’s boyfriend?

“Rose finds Cash appealing at first, but she isn’t the type to get into mischief.” She respects it for what it is the moment she learns that Cash is dating her sister.”

What can we expect from Rose as she adjusts to her new surroundings in the Bay?

“There’s some sibling rivalry, a little heartache, and a lot of cop action!”

For the past few months, you’ve been filming on Home and Away. What’s been going on?

“This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.” So much has been taught and is still being learned! Every day on set is different, with new difficulties, learning curves, and accomplishments.”


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