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Neighbours reveals rafting disaster for Levi Canning in dramatic week

In the coming weeks, Neighbours will reveal a shocking rafting disaster for Levi Canning, as reckless Gareth Bateman unleashes havoc.

As several Erinsborough residents depart for a leisurely weekend at River Bend, they are unaware that events are about to take a far from relaxing turn when Freya Wozniak’s missing lover Gareth (Jack Pearson) reappears after allegedly fleeing corrupt cops.

Levi (Richie Morris) is left with a lot to think about after Gareth claims he is hiding from Freya (Phoebe Roberts) because she has been chasing him – but things get even worse for him when he is separated from Freya during their vacation.

When Levi is left alone, a gun-wielding Gareth confronts him and shoots him. Levi is found unconscious by Freya, but she is quickly kidnapped by Gareth before she can help the injured Levi.

Levi, thankfully, regains consciousness and is able to bandage his relatively minor gunshot wound.

Concerned for Freya’s safety and unaware of her whereabouts, he sets out to find her, trying to protect her from the deadly Gareth.

Levi determines that rafting across the river will be the shortest way to reach Freya, but he quickly gets into problems in the water — and the boat capsizes.


Will Levi be okay if he falls into the river while injured?

Will Freya and Aaron Brennan (Matt Wilson), who are both poised to be involved in a van altercation with Gareth, make it out alive?

Freya’s actress Phoebe, who plays her, recently teased to Digital Spy that fans who were displeased by Freya’s lies to Levi would grow to feel pity for her as the tale progresses and more about her past is revealed.

“They might go against her for a while,” she said, “but then something enormous happens, and people might realise her situation and come back on board.”


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