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Home and Away Spoilers – Leah threatens to leave Justin

In the upcoming episode of Home and Away in the UK, Justin’s anger management difficulties threaten Justin and Leah’s relationship. Is Leah prepared to leave?

Next week, Justin (James Stewart) will have to deal with a painful reality because his attitude is endangering his friendship with Leah (Ada Nicodemou).

Justin was recently given an 18-month rigorous correction term after pleading guilty to assault resulting in serious bodily harm. He has miraculously avoided going to jail, primarily because Alf (Ray Meagher) gave a character witness statement, but he still has to perform 500 hours of community service and go to anger management classes at the Northern Districts Counselling and Rehabilitation Centre.

When Justin initially saw his therapist Amanda (Alex Malone), he was dubious and found it difficult to engage with her “getting to know you” approach because all the information was already in his file. However, when Amanda gave Justin some homework, the two seemed to have a breakthrough.

For the second session, Justin brought his five most cherished items: his guitar, a picture of Leah, an image of his siblings, Ava’s soccer jersey, and his laptop, which included all of his late parents’ papers. (Sorry, Buddy!

When Amanda realised that Justin felt like the family’s protector, he eventually told her about his prior trauma: that his parents, Koby and Kate, had been killed and that he and his siblings had spent eight long years in witness protection.

Amanda clarified that Justin’s violent outbursts were the result of his survival instinct after Justin acknowledged that he had never used violence in the years prior to the family’s suffering.

It makes sense that, after spending so many years watching their backs for potential attackers, Justin would relapse into that behaviour under pressure.

Justin expressed his reservations to Leah about whether he could change, believing that Amanda wouldn’t be able to offer a quick remedy after so many years of torment. Amanda felt that good progress had been made.

The following week, Justin is reflective as he mulls on Amanda’s comments but is unconvinced by them overall.

Leah thinks Justin needs to keep a positive outlook, but despite the fact that he is required by his sentence to attend the sessions, he doesn’t think they will change anything.

There seems to be very little prospect of Amanda ever being able to sign Justin off; she already warned Justin that he would need to adjust his attitude.

Leah confides in Alf about Justin and expresses her worries about what he’ll do the next time he finds himself in a challenging circumstance. Justin will undoubtedly go to jail if he loses control once more.

Justin becomes upset when Leah brings up the matter again and screams at her that she doesn’t get it. However, Justin’s anger just helps to highlight Leah’s claim that he must treat the counselling seriously.

Leah is compelled to give Justin a severe warning since she no longer wants to live life on the edge. She is unsure of their future if he doesn’t put up the effort for their benefit.

Later in the week, when Justin shows up for his first day of community service, it just so happens that Cash (Nicholas Cartwright), a familiar face, is in charge of monitoring.

Another group member, Robbie (Lachlan Engeler), isn’t blind to Justin’s apparent friendship with Constable Newman and quickly starts questioning Justin.

Robbie tries to get under Justin’s skin all day while they clear out a property, despite Justin making it plain that he isn’t there to make friends.

But Robbie’s minor misadventures are quickly forgotten when Justin gets home and discovers a message hidden in his backpack.

Please assist. need to eat. I occupy the residence known as the “blu letta box.”

Will Justin choose to carry out more research?


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