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Neighbours resumes Mike & Jane storyline

Someone someone notify Kate Winslet, please.

On Wednesday, Guy Pearce and Annie Jones will return to Neighbours.

Their sequences were covertly shot in Surrey, UK, in February, as disclosed by TVT.

“Thankfully, Guy was very committed to seeing the storyline through and absolutely wanted to honour their relationship and their romance, as well as the fact that the show had ended, with Mike and Jane together buying a house,” executive producer Jason Herbison stated. Thus, we developed a plot.

“It was in February, in the UK, and it was the first time the cameras rolled for the upcoming season of Neighbours. We spent a few days filming at a stunning estate in Surrey with Mike and Annie.

“I believe the audience is aware that Guy is an actor who is extremely busy and lives on the other side of the globe,” he continued. In our next series, he most likely won’t be spending every weekday on Ramsay Street.

However, I believe that the place where we end up with Mike and Jane is a very tasteful approach to revisit them, pay tribute to the characters, and also, in a way, set things up for the future.


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