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Neighbours legend teases epic Ramsay Street return – but can’t resist swipe at soap

Legend of Neighbours teases huge Ramsay Street comeback but can’t help but poke fun at soap

The most well-known characters from the series, such as Paul Robinson, Karl and Susan Kennedy, Toadie and Harold Bishop, are all making comebacks.

Recently, Delta Goodrem, who portrayed Nina Tucker, gave a hint that she would be interested in going back to Erinsborough as well.

Delta, a 38-year-old guest on This Morning, declared: “I’m always available. I always have an open mind. “Never say never,”

Before making a brief comeback in 2015, Delta initially played Nina in Neighbours from 2002 to 2005.

“Nina is currently busy with her tour, but at some point…,” she continued. I mean, Neighbours is a fantastic programme, and I adore the local crew. I appreciate that it’s still going.

Delta said with a chuckle, “I actually said that I think they just wanted to… update the backstage maybe…because the same couch had been there for a long time,” but she couldn’t help but poke fun at the event.

The first look trailer for the revived series was released by Amazon Freevee last week.

Jackie Woodburne’s character Susan Kennedy begins by remarking, “A lot has happened in the last two years.”

In contrast, spouse Karl (Alan Fletcher) declared: “All roads lead back to Ramsay Street.”

Mike Young (Guy Pearce) and Jane Harris (Annie Jones) are seen cuddling up blissfully, but the affection may not last as she later confesses, “I have been keeping something from you.”

Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis), meantime, is dealing with a lot of turmoil as a result of Reece Sinclair, a recent newcomer (Mischa Barton).

Reece is seen getting close to the new character played by Xavier Molyneux, and the two even had a torrid kiss at the hotel.

Reece, though, obviously has a relationship with Paul, who said: “I want you to find out exactly what she’s been doing since she’s been here.”

Lucy, played by Melissa Bell, queries, “Why would she not make her presence known?” Paul, who is agitated, responds, “Because she’s a spy!”

However, there is some humour when Susan is surprised when Dr. Karl enters the room naked except for a box in front of his privates.

A wedding is also planned, but will everything go off without a hitch?


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