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Home and Away revisits Mason Morgan’s death in sad scenes for Justin

Mason Morgan’s sad death will be revisited in forthcoming moments on Home and Away, when his brother Justin is handed a devastating reminder of Mason’s loss.

Mason was killed off in the 2019 Australian season finale of the soap after being shot dead after a dramatic siege at the Northern Districts Hospital, and the Summer Bay people gave him an emotional send-off.

His brother Justin (James Stewart) is still in the Bay, and he’s having trouble dealing with his partner Leah Patterson-(Ada Baker’s Nicodemou) rogue nephew Theo Poulos (Matt Evans).

Both Justin and Leah are becoming tired of Theo’s slacker attitude and lack of regard for others, and in scenes set to run next week in the UK, Leah reads him his rights, reminding Theo of the disrespect he is giving the pair while he is living with them.

Theo’s bad attitude in the face of their attempts to help him is slowly dawning on Leah, but when Justin becomes increasingly enraged by the situation, Theo leaves.

Leah tries her hardest to persuade Theo that Justin has been covering up some of his negative behaviour in order for her not to find out about it. Theo is taken aback that Justin would do such a thing for him, and he vows to take charge and be more responsible in the future.

Theo approaches Justin and attempts to make amends, but Justin sees right through him. For Leah’s sake, Theo swears to make their position work, and Justin reminds him that he only has one more chance to prove himself.

The two appear to have reached an uneasy truce, but it does not appear that it will last long.

Theo decides to clean out the spare room to demonstrate his good intentions, and he picks up a box of Mason’s belongings, inadvertently preparing to throw away the priceless items. When Justin returns home, he notices that Theo has tampered with Mason’s belongings and threatens him angrily.

Theo tries to explain what has happened to Leah after racing to her, and she realises what Theo almost threw away. Theo feels awful about what he almost did as she tells who’s possessions were in the box and what they meant to him.

Justin is later discovered by Leah in the garage. He admits that seeing Mason’s belongings almost being disposed of made him angry, and he promises to work harder in the future to avoid taking things out on Theo.

When Theo returns home, he apologises to Justin and inquires about Mason. Justin soon expresses his admiration for his brother, and it appears that he and Theo are beginning to mend their strained relationship.

Is it possible for the feuding couple to begin to build a friendship at long last?


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