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Who is Home and Away bombshell Jacqui Purvis when she’s not portraying firecracker Felicity?

Jacqui Purvis enthralled Home and Away fans from the moment she landed on Summer Bay in August 2021.

It didn’t take Jacqui long to prove her major acting talents as the lively Felicity Newman.

She also wasted no time making friends on set, and now considers her co-stars on Home and Away to be “family.”

Jacqui is a busy celebrity, with critically acclaimed acting performances under her belt and rumours of an on-set relationship.

What other roles has Jacqui played in the past?

Jacqui was coached by Australian acting veteran Peter Kalos at the prestigious Melbourne Actors Lab throughout her adolescent years.

Jacqui has since landed roles in hundreds of films and television shows, including the critically praised short film Undertow in 2017.

She won multiple honours for her performance as perennial “it girl” Callie in the 2018 film Sydney, including Best Actress at the Los Angeles Film Awards.


A Lion Returns, an AACTA-nominated independent film, also features the blonde bombshell.

Jacqui’s portrayal as Felicity Newman on Home and Away wasn’t her first in the Australian soap industry.

In 2019, she had a recurring role on Neighbours as Melissa Lohan.

What did Jacqui have to say about her time on Home and Away?

Nicholas Cartwright, who plays Jacqui’s onscreen brother Cash Newman, joins the cast in 2021.

She talked about the position with TV WEEK, saying it was “very tough but in the best manner.”

“Every day [on set] has been a blast for me. I enjoy the fact that my character has no filters and communicates exactly what she feels, typically without apology “she remarked.

Jacqui has got a new housemate in addition to making fast friends on set with Nic and Ethan Browne, who plays her character’s lover Tane.

“Being housemates with Matt Evans [who plays Theo] is a blast. He is one of my all-time favourite individuals on the planet “In 2021, she stated.

Who is Jacqui dating these days?

Jacqui has always kept her personal life secret, but it hasn’t prevented die-hard Summer Bay admirers from guessing.

When Jacqui uploaded a supposedly amorous photo with Ethan Browne, who happens to play her onscreen boyfriend, the rumour mill went into overdrive.

Jacqui took to Instagram to share four photos of Ethan with a cheeky comment mocking her co-star.

“I get to work with @atlas143 on sometimes… it’s tough,” she added.

However, it was the image of them looking at each other rather than her words that prompted the uproar.

Jacqui also shared two photos of Ethan sniffing flowers and a hazy photo of the two of them smiling together.

“It’s a challenge for me too,” Ethan responded in the comments area, “but I’m a professional and get on with it as best I can.”

This isn’t the first time the two have flaunted their bond; in August 2021, Jacqui shared two black-and-white photos of herself riding on Ethan with the caption, “Behind the scenes with E.T.”

Fans speculated after seeing the post, with one asking, “Are you both good friends?”


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