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Neighbours’ Karl Kennedy to betray Susan with secretive move

Neighbours’ Following Susan’s concerns to Karl Kennedy’s investment intentions on the soap, he decides to go behind her back.

Karl has been eager to show that he can provide for his wife, especially in light of his jealousy of Clive Gibbons’ money and the way the latter has achieved reputation among his family.

Karl, feeling underqualified, wants to step up his game in order to provide for his and Susan’s golden years, and sees Montana Marcel, a fashion magnate, as an opportunity.

Susan voices her displeasure of Karl’s desire to invest in her start-up, and in new scenes appearing next week, Karl stays determined to prove to his wife that he can provide her with the life she deserves.

Susan refuses to compromise on the Montana scenario, so he betrays her by covertly going to Montana with a $20K check for her cosmetic line.

Despite his investment and pride in his decision, Karl continues to withhold information from Susan, waiting for the right time.

However, Karl’s actions may be devastating, as he is unaware that Montana’s empire is about to crumble.


Will Susan learn the truth, and how will she react to her husband’s behaviour if she does?

In unrelated Neighbours news, Network 10’s Beverley McGarvey recently reacted to Channel 5’s decision to drop the soap and the show’s eventual cancellation, calling it “devastating.”

The airdate for the season finale was just confirmed, coupled with a schedule change in Australia so that the last episode can air at the same time as in the UK.


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