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Marilyn collapses again on Home and Away as she battles the effects of being poisoned

As she faces the insidious affects of being poisoned, Marilyn has been driving people closest to her away. When she falls again this week on Home And Away, her friends may be the only ones who can save her.

However, there’s a chance that the poisons’ effects are too severe, and that anything physicians can do will be too little, too late.

Marilyn (Emily Symons) runs across doctor Logan (Harley Bonner), with whom she has filed a complaint, at the Diner. She continues to ignore his explanations that he is simply attempting to assist her. When Irene (Lynne McGranger) attempts to remind Marilyn that she was the one who wanted Logan engaged in her rehabilitation in the first place, things get out of hand.

Emily, 52, tells TV WEEK, “Marilyn becomes so enraged at Irene.” “She has no idea she’s upsetting others, and that’s when people realise something is seriously wrong with her since this is so out of character for her.”

Marilyn storms out of the Diner, convinced that her old buddy has turned on her, setting off their first fight between hot pair Mac (Emily Weir) and Logan.

But, despite their swift reconciliation, Marilyn remains enraged and goes to the one Summer Bay native she still has faith in: Justin (James Stewart).

He is, however, compelled to acknowledge to Marilyn that, while he knows what she is going through, he no longer understands her. She realises at that point that she has changed — and not for the best.

She returns to the Diner, determined to finally construct a bridge back to Irene, but instead causes yet another dispute. As the situation becomes more heated, Marilyn loses feeling in her legs again and grips Irene to keep from fainting.

Marilyn is transported to the hospital by ambulance, and Irene is scared that she may lose her friend forever as a result of the tragedy.


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