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Home and Away Spoilers – Nikau saves his first life

Nikau has mixed feelings after saving his first life next week on Home and Away in the UK, while Theo and Ziggy go head to head at the garage…

Nikau Parata (Kawakawa Fox-Reo), Summer Bay’s newest lifeguard, has only been on the job for a week and has already had his fair share of drama without even getting his feet wet!

Following the end of his modelling career and the eventual redundancy of his job at the board shop when Dean (Patrick O’Connor) returned to work, Nik was persuaded to enrol in his bronze medallion course by surf club manager John Palmer (Shane Withington).

Nik struggled to concentrate on the massive amount of theory work required at first, and acted out during training sessions before storming out when John singled him out to answer questions. Nik was eventually persuaded to return, and he worked hard to complete all of the requisite modules to become a qualified lifesaver.

In the latest of his online video challenges, Nik’s first shift on patrol was ruined by Theo Poulos (Matt Evans). Theo grabbed the surf club’s buggy and drove it for a joyride through the park, distracting Nik by stating someone was drowning.

John (Shane Withington), the manager of the surf club, was naturally enraged, and when he caught up with Theo, he put him to work behind the gelato counter as a punishment.

When Nik confronted Theo about the incident later, only for Theo to provoke him even more, John was compelled to intervene and send Nik home.

While John was willing to forgive Nik for his mistake in allowing Theo to steal the buggy, he was disappointed in Nik for instigating a fight while wearing the surf club’s lifesaving costume—the uniform should be a source of pride.

Nik immediately handed up the suit, but John decided to give him another chance, warning him that if he blew it again, he’d “Palmerise” him!

Bella also gets some luck with John this week, as he finally agrees to hire her as a photographer for the surf club—albeit at a 15% discount from her estimated rate.

Nik’s first shift patrolling the beach on his own is her first task. Nik is anxious, but John promises him that everything will be great, and that he can reach him at the end of the radio if he needs anything.

Nik is quickly confronted with an emergency when a jogger named Max (Trey Daniels) collapses in front of him and stops breathing. Nik dials John’s number as he begins chest compressions.

When John comes with the defibrillator, he soon realises that Nikau is in command of the situation. He resists stopping Nik’s compressions, which aren’t in vain as Max appears out of nowhere.

Bella shows Nik some images she took of the event as Max is taken away in the ambulance, and Nik is taken aback to find John standing close behind him the entire time.

Rather than being happy of himself for saving a life, Nik turns on John and questions why he didn’t support him.

Nik had everything under control, but John says that it wasn’t enough for him, as he recalls the teamwork talk he gave during the training sessions.

Nik continues to ruminate, and later confronts a stunned John, telling him angrily that if something had gone wrong, he would have had to deal with it.

John tries to convince Nik that he would never have let that happen, and that if things had gotten out of hand, he would have intervened, but Nik has made up his mind—he quits!

Has Nikau’s preparation been in vain?

In Summer Bay, Theo (Lukas Radovich) is reunited with his video partner Ryder (Lukas Radovich), and the problem of picking a challenge resurfaces.

Mackenzie (Emily Weir), scoffing at some of their ideas, pointing out that they’re already losing half their audience by not customising any of their films to the female market.

Meanwhile, Justin (James Stewart) decides that it’s time Theo had a passion after seeing him bored the previous week, and when he discovers Dean’s (Patrick O’Connor) surfboard for sale, he decides to buy it and present it to Theo at the garage.

Dean’s girlfriend Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) is heartbroken to learn that Dean’s favourite board has been sold, and she makes it her mission to find out who bought it. She believes Dean is being far too optimistic in thinking he’ll never surf again after his accident, and she makes it her mission to find out who bought it.

The difficulty is that no one knows who the mystery buyer is because the money for it was left in an envelope on John’s desk.

Ziggy is relieved to see the board when she arrives at work—that was simple!

When Ziggy asks Theo how much he wants for it, he’s taken aback when he learns that it’s not for sale… As she becomes increasingly frustrated, Theo continues to reject her proposals and mock her.

As the two argue, a lightbulb goes off in Ryder’s head: Ziggy is a woman!

Ryder’s talents of observation excite Ziggy, and he proceeds to tell Theo that he has an idea that could cure all of their issues…

Ziggy eventually decides on a challenge for her and Theo to participate in, with the understanding that if she wins, she will reclaim Dean’s board.

The aim is straightforward for the two garage employees: whoever can change a tyre the fastest wins! Theo inquires as to if Ziggy requires an early start, but she then adds a twist by saying that they will be doing it blindfolded.

The challenge begins when Ryder begins recording… However, Theo is unaware that Ziggy used to work on a pit crew….


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