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Neighbours Corey star’s life – secret career, TV roles and character fate

Laurence Boxhall, who just appeared on film in Neighbours, has generated quite a stir.

The actor made his show debut last month while the Aussie serial was filming in London. He was born in England before coming to Australia as a teenager.

Laurence plays Corey Smythe-Jones, a villain who has been destroying Harlow Robinson’s life since they first met.

Harlow (Jemma Donovan) has been isolated from her loved ones since returning to Erinsborough, and the new Ramsay Street inhabitant is attempting to recruit her into the Restoration Order cult.

Corey will continue to turn Harlow’s support system against her, as fans have already identified him as a villain – but who is Laurence Boxhall? And, more importantly, where have we seen him before?

Career secrecy

Aside from acting, Laurence has become well-known for his profitable side hustle of narrating audiobooks.

The actor from Melbourne just won an Audiofile Earphone Award for narrating Ros Roberts’ children’s book “Digger and Me.”


During the coronavirus pandemic lockdown in Australia, he also recorded a number of audiobooks.

Laurence expressed his enthusiasm for the medium in a September Facebook post, stating, “Got audiobooks on the brain.”

Other roles

Laurence landed a number of small TV and film parts prior to his Neighbours debut.

In the 2014 series 2014 Worst Year of My Life, Again!, the actor made his onscreen debut as Simon Birch.

He played Daniel in Ronny Chieng: International Student three years later, after brief roles in Deadline Gallipoli and Spirit of the Game.

Laurence has also starred in the TV series Dave & Theo and his first short film, Night Shift.

The fate of the character

Laurence’s Neighbours character Corey is playing a hazardous game, and his attempts to recruit Harlow into the Order have grown bolder in recent scenes.

A deceitful Corey gets Harlow to reveal her emotions for Ned despite his connection with Amy after sending a suspicious USB to his Order contact and making his own copy.

As Corey dives deeper into Harlow’s life, Neighbours fans will wonder what the cult member’s ultimate goal is.

Is it possible that Harlow is in jeopardy?


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