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Home and Away’s Ditch Davey is the ultimate family man

Ditch Davey is a wonderful husband and doting father to his lovely family when he’s not portraying Dr. Christian Green on Home and Away.

The actor is married to Sophia Dunn, with whom he has two boys, Eden and Taika.

The family is presently based in Sydney, having migrated from Melbourne following Ditch’s casting in Home and Away.

“One morning, I awoke to find an offer on the table. They presented it to me, and I thought it was something I could dig my teeth into “Previously, he stated to New Idea.

“After that, it was just a question of flying up to Sydney, meeting everyone, and getting down to business,” the 48-year-old revealed.

Ditch also talked about his boys, revealing that his youngest is already interested in his profession.

“Taika is a lively character. He’s been following me about and performed a few of voice-over gigs recently, and he’s rather theatrical “Ditch said.


Ditch isn’t sure if this implies the 10-year-old will follow in his footsteps as an actor.

“All I want is for these kids to be happy, no matter what route they pick.”

While Ditch and Sophia have kept their romance out of the public, it’s clear that they’ve created a wonderful family together.

Sophia, like Ditch, is a performer who has previously spoken openly about parenting on Instagram.

“I admit to not being the world’s greatest mother, or to not having all the answers when my children look to me with wondering eyes, but I continue to try my best with what I know,” she said.

“Although I read books, parenting does not come with a guidebook for each child, regardless of colour or ability; we are all in this together as parents.”

Before the pandemic, Ditch and his family would tour the world together, making great experiences.

A trip to Paris in 2018 was one of their most recent vacations, and Ditch snapped a family portrait beside the Eiffel Tower and published it on Instagram.

He just captioned the photo, “#paris family trip.”

Because of the COVID limitations, the family has been spending valuable time together in the comfort of their own home.


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