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Neighbours star Jordy Lucas confirms Summer Hoyland return

In Neighbours, Jordy Lucas will reprise her role as Summer Hoyland.

Jordy had previously portrayed the role from 2010 until 2013. But now that Summer has uploaded a photo of herself with Neighbours alum Jackie Woodburne, who plays Susan Kennedy, on Amazon Freevee, it appears that she is returning to Ramsay Street for the serial opera’s new chapter.

Jordy posted on Twitter/X, “Cat’s out of the bag: Summer Hoyland is coming back to @neighbors soon for a little visit.”

“So special to head back to the place that changed my life forever,” she said.

After learning about a ‘Save Our School’ campaign against Erinsborough High’s closing, Digital Spy has reason to believe that Summer is making her way back to Erinsborough.

Jordy expressed her desire to return to the Neighbours revival in an interview with us prior to receiving a call from the producers, stating that she “would jump” at the chance.

“I very certainly would. The studio is not too far from where I reside. I would gladly accept an invitation to return if they were to ask me, as I only have positive memories of my time there. It would be fantastic, and I had the finest time there,” she remarked.

Jordy, who currently hosts her own podcast and lifestyle website, thought about a few job alternatives for Summer.

“I’m not sure what Summer would be doing now,” Jordy replied. “I’m sure she’d be doing something in the journalism space – perhaps she’d be a podcaster too!”


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