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Neighbours airs another mammoth twist in Toadie Rebecchi and Terese Willis wedding story

Below are spoilers for Monday’s (September 25) episode of Neighbours, which can be streamed on Amazon Freevee right now.

With a shocking wedding twist that saw Toadie Rebecchi (Ryan Moloney) and Terese Willis (Rebekah Elmaloglou) tie the knot, the Neighbours revival season left viewers stunned last week.

Considering that both characters were in fulfilling relationships with other individuals at the end of the previous year, the development took fans by surprise.

Toadie married Melanie Pearson (Lucinda Cowden), while Terese reconnected with her lifelong love, Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis).

But the new show takes place in the future, and a lot of time has gone since that historic day. During the time the show was off the air, both of their relationships fell apart.

The pairing of Toadie and Terese was unexpected, to put it mildly, as numerous fans have expressed their desire for the characters to get back together with their previous romantic partners.

Given that there have been hints throughout the first four episodes that the happy couple may not be as happy as they appear to be, it’s definitely a possibility.

On the day she was getting married to Toadie, Terese discovered an old invitation to her prior wedding to Paul, which was the source of her hesitation.

Meanwhile, Toadie was wondering whether the universe was trying to tell him something when he came across a pig keepsake that belonged to Mel.

However, the cosmos is not warning them that they shouldn’t be together. Nell (Aiyesha Salem-Towner) is here!

Nell continued to believe that Toadie was meant to be with Mel, even if she pretended to be thrilled about her dad’s union with Terese, as demonstrated by Monday’s edition of the Freevee soap opera!

In the relevant episode, Toadie struggled to move on after packing up his things, listing his property for sale, and moving in with Terese. But the pig’s discovery alarmed him, and Terese was surprised as well.

Hugo, on the other hand, saw the discussion from the stairwell and then went directly to Nell’s room to tell her that Toadie had, as she had anticipated, located the pig.

Nell remarked, “I don’t care if [Toadie and Terese] are married.” “He is meant to be with Mel.”

Think of us as shocked.


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