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Neighbours actor with a secret Liverpool connection

Neighbours is one of Australia’s most popular TV shows in the United Kingdom, with a devoted following across the country.

Kyle Canning, who moved on to Ramsay Street in 2008, will be familiar to viewers. Chris Milligan, the actor who plays him, has thrilled viewers with a variety of scenarios ranging from hot relationships to being blackmailed by a crooked cop to momentarily losing his eyesight by looking at the sun during an eclipse.

However, according to the Daily Star, some people may be unaware of his off-screen life and connection to Liverpool.

Chris has a strong connection to the UK, particularly Liverpool, despite being hundreds of miles away in Australia. He is a football lover. He isn’t the only one in the cast that supports Liverpool FC; Alan Fletcher, a.k.a. Dr. Karl Kennedy, is a fan as well, and claims that the team is quite popular in Ramsey Street.

Chris is a dedicated family man who recently announced his engagement to Jenna Rosenow, a Neighbours co-star. Jenna, who plays Amber Turner on the Australian show, and Chris began dating on set and announced their engagement with a romantic Instagram photo last year.

Jenna’s engagement ring was shown in a photo of the couple on a beach in Malibu, California, when they announced their engagement. On the sand, they were spotted looking longingly into each other’s eyes in front of a beautiful sunset backdrop.

“How good is the sunset?” Chris wrote in the caption. It didn’t take long for the stars of Neighbours to descend on the scene to express their joy at the good news.


“Congratulations guys,” commented Ben Hall, who plays Ned Willis. “CONGRATULATIONS!” exclaimed April Rose Pengilly, alias Chloe Brennan.

Chris returned to the Ramsay Street soap in 2019 after leaving in 2016 to seek chances in Los Angeles. Jenna spent three years as Amber Turner.

Following her departure, she made a cameo appearance on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and played alongside Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke in the Netflix drama Firefly Lane. Chris is also a loving uncle to his niece Myca, and he frequently shares heartwarming photos of their enjoyable adventures together, sometimes accompanied by his adorable German Shepard puppy.

Chris starred as a featured extra in the HBO miniseries The Pacific after taking a break from the Australian soap to pursue other projects. After winning the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Miniseries and being nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Best Miniseries or Television Film, his role in the American military drama boosted the budding star’s acting profile.

The actor’s first major part since his stint as Kyle Canning in Neighbours was in this film. Chris also participated in thirteen episodes of the television series Dead Gorgeous, in which he played the main character, David, in a cameo role as a student on the Australian police thriller Rush.

Chris had guest appearances in Winners & Losers and Arrow, as well as playing Danny in the feature film Overture, in order to further his quest for celebrity. He also appeared in The Gallows Act II, a supernatural horror film from the United States.


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