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Natalie Imbruglia reveals whether she’d return to Neighbours after axing news

Natalie Imbruglia, a former star of Neighbours, has expressed interest in returning to the show.

The singer, who rose to popularity on the programme in the 1990s as apprentice builder Beth Brennan, is one of many current and past cast members pleading for it to be preserved after Channel 5 announced it would be cancelled in the UK.

Following her triumph in The Masked Singer in the United Kingdom, Imbruglia was asked whether she would return to the Australian serial to help say farewell to Ramsay Street.

“I’d think about it,” she told The Mirror.

While Imbruglia agreed it would be strange to return to Neighbours after all these years, she isn’t ruling out the possibility of reprising her role as Beth.

“I’d consider returning; I believe it’d be nice to go through those doors again. I mean, I’m not sure I’ll recognise anyone – not even my [on-screen] son, for example “she continued.

Ben Hall’s character Ned Willis, the son of Beth and her long-time love Brad Willis, has become a regular in Neighbours in recent years, is the subject of Imbruglia’s comment.

The popstar has been one of the most outspoken former cast members in advocating for the continuation of Neighbours.

She said earlier this month on Heart Breakfast: “I guess we just assumed it would go on forever at this point, so people are petitioning. Let’s hope they’re successful “she stated

“On the show, there’s a character who looks like my son! I mean, I believe it would be disastrous. What will happen to my child?”

Only time will tell if this is true.


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