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Home and Away reveals Ziggy return drama in 27 spoiler pictures

Your complete gallery of images revealing what’s coming up on UK TVs in the week beginning November 1st.

Tuesday, November 2:

At the Stewart home, it’s a tranquil morning. But only for a short time.

Ryder is startled as he wakes up. Ryder had been urged by Alf to get some rest, but he ended up sleeping for longer than he had expected.

Ryder is currently running behind schedule. This morning, he was meant to assist Chloe with their grocery delivery.

Ryder looks at his phone. He is well aware that Chloe will be irritated by him.

Alf is worried about Ryder. It’s evident that his grandson is overextending himself.

Alf seeks to have a private conversation with Ryder. With the food business, working at Salt, and assisting Dean with the board store, Ryder has far too many duties.

Ryder is encouraged by Alf to make some adjustments. Ryder is ignoring his own wants in order to please everyone else.

Ryder is faced with a difficult choice. Is it time to hand over control of the board shop to someone else while Dean recovers?

Wednesday, November 3:

Tori is on the phone with someone important. She has been waiting for word on her latest job interview with bated breath.

Tori hangs up the phone. Christian is eager to get the latest information.

Tori gets quizzed by Christian. He is dead intent on relocating to London.

Tori explains everything. Tori got the job, and it starts in less than two weeks.

Tori is at a loss on what to do. In a short period of time, she’ll have to uproot her entire existence.

Christian and Tori must make a choice. Is it true that they’re going or not?

Justin prepares for an action-packed day at the garage. He has chosen to hire Theo, Leah’s nephew.

Theo arrives for his first day of work. He’s brimming with energy, but for how long?

Justin believes Theo will take advantage of the chance. By bringing on a wild cannon like Theo, he’s taking a tremendous risk.

Leah pulls up to the garage. For Theo and Justin, she delivers coffee and lunch.

Theo and Justin are appreciative. Leah is relieved because everything appears to be going smoothly.

The day is beginning to turn nasty. Theo suddenly claims to be suffering from a migraine.

According to Theo, he’ll have to leave early. Justin is irritated that Theo didn’t even make it through his first day of school.

Thursday, November 4:

Justin is having a hard time. He’s disappointed to learn that Tori will be going.

Leah expresses her support. She understands that this is a significant transition for Justin.

Leah and Justin exchange an embrace. Will Justin be able to accept Tori’s departure?

Friday, November 5:

Ziggy has returned to his home. Ziggy was just ordered to leave by Dean, but Mackenzie has now phoned Ziggy and said that Dean wants her back.

Dean confronts Ziggy with the truth. He adds that he didn’t ask her to return and that Mackenzie lied to him.

Dean’s recuperation is still a work in progress. Will he accept Ziggy’s assistance?


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