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Home and Away lines up violent scene for Dean and Logan

Dean Thompson and Logan Bennett are set to have a violent moment on Home and Away, as Logan breaks Dean’s sister Mackenzie Booth’s heart.

Logan (Harley Bonner) and Mac (Emily Weir) appeared to be on the mend after getting together late last year, but their relationship is put to the test when Logan’s ex, Neve Spicer, shows up unexpectedly (Sophie Bloom).

Mac graciously consented to let army nurse Neve, who is suffering from PTSD as a result of her service in Afghanistan, remain with her and Logan, but when she became uneasy, she requested Logan to persuade Neve to leave.

Logan, on the other hand, packed his own luggage and opted to stay with Neve at a nearby motel in order to keep an eye on her, stating that he is concerned about her PTSD.

In an interview with TV Week, Emily said: “Logan adores Neve and looks after her. It was once romantic, but as time has passed, it has evolved into a platonic relationship. He does, however, feel obligated to assist her.”

Mac, who is saddened by Logan’s decision to choose Neve over her, runs into Logan at Salt in upcoming scenes to air in Australia. He acknowledges that he misses her, but he insists that he can’t abandon Neve while she is in need.

Mac seeks guidance from her brother Dean (Patrick O’Connor), who is upset. Dean, on the other hand, decides that he has a better plan.

He walks out to the motel where Logan and Neve are staying together, enraged at how his sister has been abused, and when Logan opens the door, Dean punches him in the face. Dean walks away, warning him not to meddle with Mac any longer.

Logan makes another attempt to explain himself to Mac at the surf club later, but she is unconvinced. She reveals that she’s calling the army to tell them where Neve is and how vulnerable she is, as she believes things have gotten out of hand.

Neve, on the other hand, is close and discreetly listening in. She resolves to run when she hears what Mac has said, but her panic causes her to have a PTSD episode.

Neve turns back, attempting to regain control of herself and the situation, and ends up confronting Mac in the surf club. Logan and police officer Cash Newman (Nicholas Cartwright) see the assault and rush to the scene to help.

Is there any hope for Logan and Mac after this, or will Neve’s presence mean the end of their relationship?


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