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Kate Ritchie says she’s a ‘proud mumma’ as daughter Mae, eight, performs at a festival – after revealing she won’t encourage her to try acting

By posting a picture of her kid performing on Monday, Kate Ritchie demonstrated that she carries a small amount of the stage mommy gene.

The 43-year-old actress and radio host was busy taking pictures as her daughter Mae, 8, appeared on stage at a nearby festival.

Mae appeared to have participated in a dance performance while donning a black leotard.

Kate took a phone snap of her kid and her friend as she was kneeling in front of them.

She captioned the photo, “Proud Mumma doing what proud mummies do.”

After stating that she won’t be encouraging Mae to follow in her footsteps and that she should forge her own path in life, this statement was made by Kate.

‘I won’t be pushing my child in any direction,’ Kate, who gained fame as Sally Fletcher on Home and Away, told The Australian Women’s Weekly.


She claimed that everyone believed she was only employed part-time on Home and Away and that she had the best job ever because she was allowed to leave school early.

But when you put it all together, it becomes a bit overwhelming! I just want to make sure I’m not putting any pressure on Mae. She shouldn’t feel as though she belongs to anyone besides herself, in my opinion.

The ex-wife of Stuart Webb, Kate, claimed that their daughter, who has already expressed interest in starting a YouTube channel, is “never going to happen.”

She doesn’t support Mae’s vlogging career, but she wants her to participate in extracurricular activities she enjoys.

I urge her to try a wide variety of things. She says that she participates in swimming, gymnastics, and dancing on Saturdays.

‘Because the one thing I didn’t do when I was growing up was play an extracurricular sport, and I never learned a musical instrument. I was a little busy working on a TV show.’

When Kate was eight years old, she was chosen to play Sally on Home and Away. In 2008, she left the soap opera on Channel 7.

She recently acknowledged that after 20 years of playing the show’s iconic character, it was challenging to find her own identity.


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