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Home and Away reveals Jacob’s frightening return in Bree story

Both Bree and Remi are in grave danger.

In Home and Away, Bree has been dealing with her aggressive ex, Jacob, who appears to be capable of doing significant damage if word of her affair with Remi spreads.

Bree has been attempting to get away from Jacob for a while, and upcoming scenes that will run in Australia will show her doing just that.

Bree explains that she intends to ask Jacob for a divorce while taking part in the customary Summer Bay activity of surfing.

Not only that, but she informs Remi that she wants them to go on a date since she has no intention of postponing her life while it happens.

When discussing the plot with TV Week, Adam Rowland, who plays Remi, said, “Remi’s first feeling is relief that Bree is empowered to take the steps towards releasing herself from the unhealthy relationship.

However, Jacob quickly learns what is going on, and as usual, he has no intention of letting Bree elude him.

He shows up in Bree’s room and makes it abundantly obvious that he won’t let her go and that she must immediately depart Summer Bay with him.

Remi soon arrives and is horrified by what he sees, but he is powerless to intervene when Jacob violently overpowers him and threatens to sever the musician’s hands with a hammer if Bree does not comply with his orders.

Adam continued, “He’s just thinking, Whatever you do, don’t turn that hammer on Bree.” “I don’t care if you smash both of my hands, but just don’t hurt her!”

Will Bree permit it to happen or will she choose to leave town with Jacob? Remi is willing to endure the repercussions of trying to protect the woman he loves.


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