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Sam Frost shares a heartfelt tribute to her brother Alex after he quit Australian Survivor because he was struggling with a back injury

Following her brother Alex’s departure from Australian Survivor on Monday night, Sam Frost paid a touching homage to him on social media.

Alex’s ‘authenticity, honesty, and heart’ were complimented by the former Home and Away actress, 32.

‘Brooooo!!!! @abitfrosty ‘Despite the fact that you never smile in images, you are without a doubt the greatest legend with the nicest and gentlest soul,’ she said.

Everyone who encounters you can sense and see the power within you, and the world’s #1 @survivorau super fan finally had a chance to play… only to be injured on day one. ‘However, you gave it your all.’

‘You played with authenticity, integrity, and emotion,’ Sam added. I’m quite pleased with you. ‘Hopefully, one day, you’ll be able to get your body in tip-top shape and have a chance at redemption.’

‘I’ll miss seeing your adorable little face on the TV.’ In my opinion, you’re a superstar. xxxx Thank you to the Water crew for looking after him #survivor #survivorau.’

Alex begged the contestants to vote him out of the game during Monday night’s tribal council because he was suffering from a back injury.

‘I had a big decision on my mind going into tonight.’ That decision is that I want to be removed from office. ‘I want you guys to vote me out as a group,’ he continued.

Alex described his back pain as’mentally and physically taxing.’

Alex’s tribemates refused to accept his request despite his pleas, causing him to leave the show.

‘Alex, if this is truly that terrible for you, no one is required to stay in the game if they don’t want to,’ host Jonathan LaPaglia said. ‘How are you going to make your decision?’

He replied, ‘I have to leave.’

‘Your time in this game is up,’ Jonathan remarked before instructing Alex to toss his scarf into the fire pit.

Before leaving the encampment, he said his goodbyes to the other candidates.


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