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Home and Away’s Felicity to play matchmaker for Cash and Eden

Will playing Cupid be successful?

With Felicity and Tane’s impending wedding, love is in the air on Home and Away. However, it appears that romance is brewing elsewhere as well, and Felicity is determined to steer the burgeoning couple in the right direction.

People around them and viewers are starting to realise that Cash and Eden have deep feelings for one another, but neither of them has had the guts to express those feelings to the other yet.

In an interview with TV Week, Stephanie Panozzo, who plays Eden, said of the plot, “Eden and Cash have a great history and relationship.”

“Nick and I are truly trying to be authentic. With their travels, I believe viewers will be intrigued.

If they do end up together, it seems to be with Felicity’s assistance because she is so determined to make it happen that she even makes some adjustments to her own wedding preparations.

Felicity gets to work by discovering the location of Tane’s bucks party, which Nikau is planning.

The next step in her strategy is to persuade Eden to change the hen night arrangements, switch them to the same club, and scrap the previously scheduled bus excursion once she learns that it would be held at a nightclub.

When Eden realises what has transpired when they enter the club, she is unsatisfied and turns to alcohol to help her cover up her embarrassment.

Cash believes Eden came up with the idea to switch the location and that she did it to force him to confess his feelings to her.

Will the couple eventually admit their affections for one another if that isn’t the case, or will Felicity’s attempt to play Cupid merely put them back further?


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