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As we say goodbye to Neighbours, let’s celebrate Kylie Minogue’s most stunning moments as Charlene

When Kylie Minogue played Charlene Robinson on Neighbours from 1986 to 1988, she became an idol in our hearts.

Her charming Aussie accent, 80s hair, and palpable chemistry with Jason Donovan were all moments in Australian history to remember.

After learning that the production of Neighbours was coming to an end, the pop diva rushed to Twitter to express her gratitude for her time on the show, which will conclude after over 37 years in June.

“We had no clue how popular the show would become or how deeply fans would care,” she reflected.

She finished her tribute by gushing about the memories she will cherish forever.

“Pure adoration! 💞🏡 Madge’s voice is still ringing in my ears… CHARLENE!!!!”

The announcement was announced on the soap’s Twitter account on Thursday, March 2, 2022: “We regret to inform you that after nearly 37 years and nearly 9000 episodes, we must announce that Neighbours will end production in June.

“We have no choice but to put the show on hold following the loss of our important broadcast partner in the UK, despite a thorough hunt for alternative funding.

“We understand that this is a great disappointment for our amazing, devoted fans, as it is for all of us on the team. We appreciate all of your messages and support, and we pledge to end the programme on a positive note. We’ll be commemorating Neighbours from now on.”

Let’s take a look back at Kylie’s best moments on Neighbours to honour the program’s want to be remembered.

In 1986, Neighbours gave birth to a star.

In the United Kingdom, Charlene’s wedding to Scott was the third most watched episode of 1988.

We selected Kylie as “Australia’s Most Popular Personality” because we were enamoured by her.

Kylie’s denim on denim ensembles were a staple of her Neighbours days. During a TV Week photoshoot, she can be seen singing Karaoke with Jason.

Kylie’s “elfin prettiness” garnered her persona a large following, according to the British journal The Independent.

Jason and Kylie at Manly Beach.

During a break from filming, Kylie dressed up.

She was only on the show for two years, yet she commanded icon status with so much ease that she has been the show’s face ever since.

“Why don’t you hop on your broomstick and fly away!” Charlene yelled at Mrs Mangel.

“We’ll have to rename them ‘Minoguies,'” Kylie, winner of four Logie Awards in 1988, said in this photo captioned by TV Week.

Charlene’s wedding gown was fashioned by Isis, a local Melbourne bridal salon. Over the years, the legendary gown has been displayed at a number of museums until being donated to the Tasmania Museum and Art Gallery.

“I just know this is going to be the nicest wedding ever!” Charlene exclaimed as she walked down the aisle.

Neighbors will be missed much!


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