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Former Home and Away star Tammin Sursok introduces new family member

Tammin Sursok has presented a cute new family member to her social media fans.

After returning from Australia, the Australian actress and her family welcomed a puppy named Sadie into their Nashville, Tennessee, home.

Three months had passed after the passing of their cherished dog Charlie before Sadie’s arrival.

Tammin gave her 1.3 million Instagram stories subscribers their first look at the little dog, who was seen yawning as they were sitting on the couch.

Please say welcome to our new arrival, I just walked in the door,” she added.

She goes by Sadie.

After kissing the new dog, Tammin said to his audience, “Then I have to show you something.”


The family’s laundry room appeared to have been fully transformed to welcome Sadie in the second Instagram story.

A sizable mural of the puppy, dog sayings, dog toys, and a sizable kennel all appeared on the wall; they were all obtained by her husband Sean McEwan.

Wow, look at what Daddy done, Sursok exclaimed. Sadie is ready to go.

The former Home and Away star gave fans a tour of the space while demonstrating where a “sound machine” and “puppy toys” might be found.

Sadie, Daddy did wonderful, right?

Sursok and McEwan have two small daughters named Phoenix and Lennon in addition to the new canine.

Sadie’s arrival occurs one week after Sursok hinted that they were getting ready to welcome a “new member of the family” on August 22.

Since the dog was given the name “Butters” just last week, it is obvious that the family made the decision to change her name at the last minute.

When we get her, she’ll be 11 weeks old, and I’m so excited to have a puppy once more! For a few months, I yearned for a couch without hair, but what can you do?

“Any training, products, or dog aid! DM me!”

Sursok received the update as he was “on the road for three months!” after travelling to Australia and Bali.

On August 22, she remarked, “It has been a remarkable, wild, beautiful, difficult three months.”

“Travel reshapes who I am. If I have an addiction to anything, it would probably be to travel and chocolate.

Sadie’s arrival occurs after the passing of the family’s 15-year-old dog Charlie in May 2023. Sadie wrote that she “lost one of my best friends today” before Charlie’s passing.

“I’m crying as I write this, Charlie, my darling cocker spaniel. Why is it so difficult?

Without you, Charlie, I don’t know what to do. You were the best dog we’ve ever owned, and you showed us unimaginable love.

She stated in May that although her family was “not ready” at the time for a new puppy, they will eventually accept a new furry member.

The actress posted a brief video update alongside her caption announcing the impending arrival of Butters.

“I have been awake for the past 37 hours. We recently travelled from Bali to Sydney and Sydney to Los Angeles. My children are currently travelling to Nashville, but I am remaining in Los Angeles because we are filming about seven episodes of our podcast here, she remarked in a video to the camera.

“There’s so much to discuss that I’m not even sure where to start.

“The past three months have been amazing, difficult, and lovely.

I’m eager to share, so.


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