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Home and Away spoilers – Tex and Rose story revisited

Rose Delaney struggles as the Home and Away team revisits the Tex Wheeler tale.

Mali and Rose encounter another challenge.

Spoilers for UK fans of Home and Away are below.

Next week, Rose Delaney from Home and Away is confronted by her past as she discovers how much Tex Wheeler’s manipulation has impacted her.

Mali Hudson, a newcomer to Summer Bay, and Rose are presently dating. This is Rose’s first relationship since her brief fling with Tex.

Rose and Tex last year got involved soon after Tex arrived in the Bay.

When Rose subsequently learned that Tex was a dangerous biker gang leader who was only after her to lessen his chances of running into trouble with the law, she was devastated.

As they go on another date, Rose and Mali will continue to get closer in the Channel 5 segments airing the following week.

Rose makes an effort to appear strong and puts on an impressive appearance, which works because Mali is smitten.

When they get back to Mali’s wagon, things start to get heated.

Rose feels a wave of panic come over her all of a sudden and knows she is not prepared for this. Mali is left bewildered and worried that their relationship is over as Rose dashes off.

Rose quickly sees that Tex had tricked her into going into a panic. She is now afraid to get close to another guy out of concern that the past might repeat itself.

Mali interrupts Rose as she approaches him and attempts to explain, but he maintains that everything is fine. Rose is made to feel worse by his careless response.

Mali’s real emotions don’t surface until he talks to Xander, Rose’s brother. He acknowledges that Rose’s refusal hurt him, and he worries that she has broken up with him.

Mali and Rose decide to give their relationship another go after Rose explains that this isn’t the case. Can they figure out how to advance together?


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