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Why Sam Frost really quit Home and Away

After weeks of speculation, Sam Frost’s departure from Home and Away has been announced.

After being Australia’s first-ever Bachelorette, Sam, 32, joined Channel 7’s flagship drama as Jasmine Delaney in 2017.

Her unexpected casting came after a spell on 2DayFM radio with Rove McManus.

According to insiders, Sam plans to relocate from Sydney to Melbourne to be closer to her family, and it’s also been speculated that she’ll be leaving the spotlight for forever.

“Those close to her predict she’ll retire from performing. “Sam sort of slipped into it… it’s not a huge passion,” the source says, adding that Sam is likely to go into the “health and wellbeing” industry.

Sam has already stated that she would be releasing a memoir on her personal struggles with mental illness.

Believe was co-written by Sam’s sister, Kristine Ross, and is described as a “raw, honest, and true tome.”


“What truly inspires Sam is helping people,” a source said. “Whether it’s additional books, a podcast, or even public speaking.”

Sam has been refreshingly open about her anxiety and depression difficulties throughout the years. She’s also worked hard to keep her social media following informed and provide safe spaces for them.

Sam resigned after expressing her opposition to the COVID vaccine. She was chastised for referring to ongoing vaccination restrictions as “segregation.”

Sam explained she would be “written out temporarily” since she had a medical operation scheduled for January and wouldn’t be “completely vaxxed” until February 2022, as Channel 7 needed all cast members to be double-vaccinated by January 10.

However, she has recently chosen to make that break a permanent one.


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