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Home and Away’s Logan Bennett receives shock news after tragic death

Logan Bennett of Home and Away has heard that he may be to blame for a recent terrible death.

Logan was engaged in a spectacular automobile accident earlier this month in the show’s Australian episodes, which is still being investigated by police.

Logan collided with a car driven by Millie, a newcomer. Millie was travelling with her companion Jo, who unfortunately perished at the scene, and they both survived the catastrophe.

Logan has cooperated thoroughly with the authorities in the aftermath, despite his inability to recall exact information about what caused the accident.

Logan’s narrative took a troubling turn in Thursday’s broadcast on Channel 7, when police officer Cash Newman was obliged to bring him in for further questioning.

Logan was questioned by Cash about how fast he was driving at the time of the accident.

Logan had no recollection of this, but he realised something was wrong and inquired as to what was going on.

“The forensic evidence indicates that you were speeding,” Cash explained.

“It’s starting to appear that way,” Cash said plainly when Logan asked if this indicated he was at blame.

Could Logan be in serious trouble with the authorities? What happens next is unknown for the time being, but Logan’s days in Summer Bay are numbered.

Harley Bonner, who played Logan on Home and Away, confirmed late last year that she would not be returning to filming in 2022.

“Channel Seven can confirm Harley will not return to Home and Away when filming begins in the coming weeks,” a statement from the soap’s network announced at the time.

“We send Harley our best wishes and heartfelt gratitude for his contributions to the event.”

Logan has been on screen for the past six months as Home and Away shoots its sequences six months in advance.

The automobile crash narrative will premiere on Channel 5 in June for Home and Away fans in the United Kingdom.


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