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TERF wars: Transgender daughter of Home and Away star Mat Stevenson takes on politicians making gender transition an election issue – and says she would have DIED if she’d been forced to go through male puberty

Grace Hyland, the transgender daughter of former Home and Away actor Mat Stevenson, has slammed politicians who have made gender change a campaign issue.

On Tuesday, the activist and TikTok celebrity stated that she views transgender identity as a medical illness and that she ‘hates’ that it has become a political talking topic.

‘Transgender identity is increasingly being politicised as a left or right issue. Sorry, but this isn’t a left-or-right issue. Grace told 9Honey, “It’s a medical concern.”

‘People deserve treatment for their health regardless of where they fall on the political spectrum,’ she added. ‘If there’s one thing I despise, it’s being politicised, since it’s the polar opposite of a political issue in my opinion.’

In her early teens, The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) Gender Service diagnosed Hyland with gender dysphoria and prescribed testosterone blockers.

She earlier told The Sunday Project that if she had gone through male puberty, she “genuinely doesn’t think she would still be here.”

It comes after Katherine Deves, the divisive Liberal candidate for Warringah, was chastised for tweets about trans women and transgender youth seeking gender affirming surgery.

‘They will not stand for seeing vulnerable children surgically mutilated and sterilised,’ she captioned a photo of a girl who had undergone top surgery, which she has now deleted.

‘Lawsuits will abound, as will government investigations. Complete failure of protection. ‘Take notice.’

Surrogacy, according to Deves, is “reproductive prostitution.”

‘It is atrocious exploitation of women,’ she said, referring to both the “harvested” woman and the pregnant woman who gives birth to the kid.

She also equated fighting to prevent transgender athletes from competing in women’s sports to standing up to the Nazis and the Stolen Generation by opposing the Holocaust and transgender rights.

Ms Deves tweeted in April 2021 about a case in which a Canadian father was prosecuted for not supporting his teen’s transition.

‘This will go down in history as the Third Reich’s grudge trials,’ she wrote.

‘I dislike using Nazism, but the parallels are striking and terrifying.’

‘We can only hope that when society comes to its senses, trials like the Nazi wife and the border guards will redeem it.’

Despite the backlash, she believes that her position is “simply plain sense.”

‘Having a female-only sports category is not contentious,’ she stated.

Despite calls to condemn Ms Deves for her harsh remarks, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has openly backed her.

Others may wish to cancel her.’ Others may choose to dismiss other Australians for standing up for what they believe in, but I’m not going to work with them,’ he stated.

‘In terms of Katherine Deves’ previous statements, she has removed them and stated that they were insensitive. That was also my opinion. Those earlier remarks do not resonate with me.’


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