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Neighbours – has Ned Willis left for good?

Neighbours gave Ned Willis a melancholy send-off on Tuesday (May 10) as he left Erinsborough for a new start in Sydney.

Following his tumultuous love triangle with Amy Greenwood and Harlow Robinson, Ned chose to leave Ramsay Street, understanding that his infidelity scandal had brought out the worst in everyone.

Despite the fact that Ned’s departure was clouded by his terrible behaviour, there was a light of optimism when he received an unexpected text from his ex-girlfriend Yashvi Rebecchi, who recommended that they reunite once he arrived in Sydney.

Here’s a rundown of Ned’s departure.

Is Ned Willis no longer on Neighbours?

Ben Hall has left Neighbours as a regular cast member, which is disappointing news for Ned fans.

Ned’s departure was first disclosed by Digital Spy in March, when he was filming his leaving sequences, and then by the programme itself at the end of April.

Ben stated to Digital Spy that it was the appropriate moment for Ned to leave because the programme is presently tying up storylines in preparation for a nostalgic-filled conclusion in August.

“That was basically the conclusion of my contract,” Ben explained. After learning that Channel 5 would not renew the [Neighbours] contract, the show needed to come up with new plots.

“There were definitely a lot of cast members leaving in order to open up some new stories, avenues for individuals to come back, and things like that.”

“I believe Ned was right to go at the time.”

Some fans were disappointed that Ned ended up on everyone’s bad side, but Ben pointed out that it wasn’t completely out of character.

“You know what?” he said. He came in as a bad boy, and he’ll leave as a bad boy. That ending didn’t bother me at all. I think it was quite appropriate for Ned.”

Will Ned Willis make a comeback to Neighbours?

While Ned is no longer a regular on the show and will be removed from the opening titles this week, the soap’s producers have lately announced that we’ll see him again before the conclusion.

Ned was among the 23 returning cast members confirmed by Channel 5 over the weekend.

Yashvi Rebecchi will also be back, so we’ll hopefully learn whether or not they were able to sort things out.

“Whether the eighties, nineties, noughties, or teens is your favourite decade, we will be giving something for everyone as Neighbours draws to a close,” stated executive producer Jason Herbison.

“We’ll be commemorating the most memorable characters from different eras with the present cast, with a few surprises up our sleeves.”

Fans of Neighbours are still hoping for a reunion between Ned and his mother Beth Brennan, who was played by Natalie Imbruglia between 1992 and 1994.

Ned indicated that he wanted to spend some time with his mother before he departed.

Natalie has also shown interest in returning to Neighbours, though no plans to do so have been confirmed as of yet.

“I’d love to film a scene with Natalie Imbruglia,” Ben recently told Digital Spy. That’s something I’m willing to consider. It’s up to the authorities.”


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