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The Best Australian Short Film Competition: Home and Away star Jacqui Purvis on kicking dad out to shoot film

Next week in the UK, Justin Morgan from Home and Away will learn heartbreaking news regarding Lyrik.

The management of the band realises that Lyrik might be finished when Kirby Aramoana decides to leave the group and go solo.

In Channel 5’s upcoming episodes, Justin becomes frightened upon discovering that Kirby’s new manager is about to make an announcement regarding her solo career.

Justin worries that once everyone finds out that Kirby is no longer in the band, the excitement surrounding them will fade and he fears what will happen to Lyrik.

Justin urges Forrest Duke, Kirby’s manager, to postpone Kirby’s major announcement so that he has more time to organise Lyrik’s next move.

Forrest declines because he must act in Kirby’s best interests. But when Justin contacts Kirby on his own and explains the situation, she intervenes and persuades Forrest to reconsider.

When Forrest confirms that the announcement will be delayed, Justin feels relieved. Unfortunately, Forrest is obviously upset about being disregarded so he reveals another bombshell that is even more damaging to Lyrik.

Forrest informs Lyrik that he will not be allowed to play any of the songs that Kirby wrote because his new representatives are refusing to grant any copyright permissions.

Jacqui Purvis as Ali on her first short film as writer, producer and actor.

Lyrik receives a disturbing news from Justin that they might not be able to play any more of the just released album’s tracks.

The band’s entire career is now in peril because they will either have to postpone their upcoming performances or stick to performing covers. What choice will Lyrik and Justin make?

According to Purvis, she is now addicted to producing after taking a significant part behind the camera for the first time.

“My love for producing blossomed. I’m a huge movie fan, so I helped choose everything from the soundtrack to the setting,” the woman remarked.

GoFundMe pages were used to raise money for the movie, and Purvis quickly discovered that filmmaking was “very expensive.”

Behind the scenes on Voicemails Last Forever.

“However, I was able to compensate everyone, which allowed me to hire top-tier creatives, and as a result, I assembled an amazing team,” the woman remarked.

Returning to Home and Away’s regular schedule, Purvis noted that the set work for the short film was “very different” from that of the television show.

“It was a brand-new setting, and everyone was really passionate about it. Sometimes you don’t get that at Home and Away because it’s such a machine, everyone has been there for a long time, and it’s just a job,” the speaker remarked.


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