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Next Week in Home and Away: 14 Key Spoilers | What’s Happening in Summer Bay?

Coming up on Home and Away, Levi and Mac consider a fresh start away from Summer Bay.

Elsewhere, Stevie makes a rash decision after getting dumped by Remi, while Dana and Harper are called to testify against Tane in court.

Here’s a full collection of 14 huge moments.

Theo is under pressure

justin morgan and theo poulos in home and away

Theo is eager to complete his final TAFE exams to become a qualified mechanic, but Justin is concerned over how he’ll cope having extra responsibilities at the garage.

Already stressed, Theo doesn’t appreciate the extra pressure and reckons Justin and Leah are hassling him because they think he’s about to fall off the wagon.

Leah admits this is true, but she and Justin agree that Theo needs to manage his own recovery.

Felicity’s head is with Tane

felicity newman in home and away

Felicity is spending time with hunky lawyer Marshall, but her mind is still on Tane.

Harper soon approaches with good news – Sonia, baby Poppy’s mother, has agreed to testify in court on Tane’s behalf.

This is exactly what Felicity was hoping for, and Marshall is confident about Tane’s chances.

Tane fires Marshall

marshall and tane parata in home and away

Meanwhile, Rose is unable to get an answer from Tane as to why he missed his bail check-in.

She calls in Marshall to help, but Tane is still riled up about the lawyer sleeping with his ex-wife.

Marshall tries to explain himself, but jealous Tane refuses to listen and declares that his services are no longer required.

Rose grants Tane bail

rose delaney and tane parata in home and away

After taking time to cool off, Tane realises Marshall may be his last hope of avoiding prison and goes back on his books.

Marshall pleads his client’s case to Rose, who relents and releases Tane on bail with a firm reminder of his conditions.

Tane remains annoyed with Felicity for meddling in his life and tells Marshall in no uncertain terms to keep her out of his business.

Mali is rushed off his feet

mali hudson in home and away

Stevie’s film continues to dominate life in Summer Bay, much to Alf’s annoyance.

Mali isn’t best pleased either when his surf lessons have been cancelled to accommodate a film crew from morning TV show Sunrise.

Roo realises Mali is struggling to keep up with the influx of orders he’s had since Stevie’s social post and asks Kirby if she’ll lend a hand.

6. Mali and Kirby clash

mali hudson in home and away

Mali and Kirby come to an agreement – she takes on his surf lessons while he deals with the mountain of paperwork.

However, Kirby isn’t happy about the number of forms she needs to fill in before getting into the water and can’t resist making a snide dig about Mac and Levi.

This doesn’t sit well with Mali, who scolds Kirby for gossiping and reminds her Mac is his friend.

7. Bree sleeps with Nelson

nelson giles and bree cameron in home and away

Nelson invites Bree for a spin on his motorbike, but she’s cautious to accept given Remi’s own cycle was the catalyst for their break-up.

She ends up accepting and Nelson whisks her away to the palatial mansion he and Stevie are staying at.

The lustful duo end up sleeping together, but are interrupted when Stevie suddenly arrives back – with Remi in tow.

8. Bree sets Remi straight

bree cameron and remi carter in home and away

There are blushes all round next morning when Remi emerges from Stevie’s bedroom to find Bree and Nelson caught up in a passionate clinch.

Remi isn’t impressed to see Bree leave on the back of Nelson’s motorbike, particularly given her feelings about his own vehicle.

He confronts her about it, but Bree points out it wasn’t the bike that caused their split, but all the lies he told her.

9. Levi wants out of the Bay

levi fowler and mackenzie booth in home and away

Mac tries to smooth things over with Felicity for the sake of work, but she remains hostile towards her.

Levi is also having a tough time with his friends taking Imogen’s side in the wake of their marriage split.

A further run-in with Felicity leaves Mac at an all time low, prompting Levi to suggest they just cut their losses and quit Summer Bay for good.

10. John gets stage fright

John Palmer and Alf Stewart talk in Home and Away

John is thrilled when he’s offered the chance to appear live on Sunrise and doesn’t hesitate in saying yes. But as the crew gather for filming, John is gripped by a terrifying bout of stage fright.

Alf steps in to save the day and takes on the live interview instead.

11. Remi snaps at Stevie

remi carter and stevie marlow in home and away

Remi offloads to Eden about his conversation with Bree and maintains their split was all about the bike.

Eden questions why he cares so much when he’s clearly moving on with Stevie and is surprised when Remi admits he can’t deal with the film star’s diva demands.

Sick of being at Stevie’s beck and call, Remi snaps and reminds her that they’re not actually a couple.

12. Xander wants some space from Dana

dana matheson in home and away

Xander is feeling smothered by Dana and gently suggests she could spend more time at her own place.

In true Dana style, she completely overreacts and concludes she must dump Xander before he finishes with her.

Harper helps the couple understand one another better and suddenly Dana and Xander are back on track.

13. Dana and Harper receive big news

dana and harper matheson in home and away

Dana is grateful for Harper’s sensible relationship advice.

But the sisters’ day takes an unexpected turn when they discover they’ve been summoned to give evidence against Tane in court.

14. Stevie quits

stevie marlow in home and away

As Remi and Stevie’s argument escalates, he reaches the end of his tether and declares they’re finished.

Cash takes pity on his client and invites her to join him and Eden for dinner. Eden is understandably annoyed, but Stevie soothes her fears by pointing out how much Cash adores her.

Peace is restored, but next morning Stevie has a sudden crisis of confidence and tells Cash she’s decided to pull out of the movie. Can he talk her round?


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