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Who is behind Mac & Levi’s terrifying kidnapping in Home and Away?

It wasn’t a fairytale start for Home and Away’s Mackenzie and Levi, and quickly became one of the more controversial couples in the Australian soap.

Not long ago, Mac Booth (Emily Weir) and Levi Fowler (Tristan Gorey) were involved in a scandalous affair after it was discovered the newcomer doctor was in fact married to Imogen.

Despite Levi’s marital status, they continued a steamy affair and remain in a relationship today – to fans’ disappointment. Even the Summer Bay residents gave the pair the cold shoulder when the news of their affair broke!

Fans of the drama have slammed the couple’s perception that they “deserve” happiness. Now, their wishes for the relationship’s disastrous end may be coming sooner rather than later.

The official Instagram account for Home and Away has shared a teaser of an upcoming episode, with Mac and Levi bound to chairs with tape covering their mouths.

Who has kidnapped them? And how will this terrifying plot end?

Home and Away viewers flooded the comment section with theories regarding the identity of the kidnapper.

One fan joked that perhaps Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) has “finally lost it.”

“Eden is taking it too far now,” another commented.

When Mac and Levi’s affair was revealed, Eden was heartbroken: how could her brother do the very thing their father did that wrecked their family when they were young?

Meanwhile, others have suggested it could be Mali’s brother or whoever is looking for him.

“I think it’s Mali brother. As something said next week that she struggles to forgive Mali + it said they walk into a trap,” one wrote.

However, majority commented this could be the time Levi’s ex-wife Imogen seeks “revenge” …

“This must be the ex wife playing games with them or Eden…seeing she isn’t happy with these two lately,” a fan wrote.

Another added: “Imogen’s revenge.”


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